Game Of Thrones: How Much Do You Know About Your Favourite TV Series?

Game of Thrones was such an intense TV series that fans made so many theories about it and patiently anticipated each season right from the onset of the show. With the release of the final season in April, there is no iota of doubt that fans tremendously miss the show and all it stood for.

If you are a die-hard fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, you would definitely have fond memories of some of its remarkable scenes and characters.  Let’s test how much you remember with these series of questions and see how well you will fare

  • Which house’s theme Is The “Reigns Of Castamere”?

    • House Tyrell
    • House Bolton
    • House Tully
    • House Lannister
  • Which character is known for the statement “Burn Them All!”?

    • Joffrey
    • Cersei
    • The Mad King
    • Walder Frey
  • Which series of fantasy novels is GOT based on?

    • The Sword of Truth
    • A Song of Ice and Fire
    • The Mortal Instruments.
    • House of Cards.
  • The sword “Needle” is associated with which Character?

    • Bran
    • The Faceless man
    • Jon Snow
    • Arya
  • Which of Daenery’s dragons did the Night King turn?

    • Rhaegal
    • Viserion
    • Drogon
    • Balerion
  • I arrive in King’s Landing. I win the heart of the queen. She gives me permission to popularise my new religion. I become her worst nightmare. Who am I?

    • The Three-Eyed Raven
    • The Red Woman
    • The Lord Of Light
    • The High Sparrow
  • Ned Stark had to promise his sister, Lyanna Stark, on her deathbed, that he would lie about Jon Snow’s birth parents to everyone including Robert Baratheon. Why did he make this promise?

    • Because he was afraid the Targaryens would come for baby Jon and conquer Westeros once again.
    • Because he feared baby Jon’s death would hasten the arrival of the White Walkers.
    • Because he knew Lyanna was not sincere to Robert and he would go ballistic if he found out the truth.
    • Because he knew the Targaryens were hated all over Westeros and baby Jon risked being killed if he revealed he was of Targaryen bloodline
  • What is the most feared ability of the white walkers?

    • The ability to fight in freezing weather
    • The ability to colonise dragons
    • The ability to reanimate the dead as their servants
    • The ability to wield weapons made of pure ice
  • Which fan theory has turned out to be true in the Game Of Thrones Series?

    • Ned Stark survives his execution by warging into the body of another famous character on the show.
    • Sansa gets pregnant with Ramsey Bolton’s child after he rapes her
    • Tyrion is Daenerys’ brother
    • There is going to be an ice dragon on the show
  • What is Cersei’s famous quote to Littlefinger?

    • Winter is coming
    • If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention
    • When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground
    • Power is power


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