Are you Sure You are a Game Of Thrones Fan?

Winter may have come and gone, but what kind of fan are you when it comes to this epic tale of kingdoms and realms? Are you the kind of fan you think you are?

Take this quiz to find out.

  • When do you watch GOT

    • Immediately it airs
    • A week later
    • When I find someone who has it already
    • I haven’t started watching it
  • Which house would you like to be from

    • Lannister
    • Stark
    • Tyrell
    • My Father’s house
  • What are you doing when GOT is on

    • Watching with utmost conentration
    • Googling names, people and even the houses
    • Doing something totally unrelated
    • GOT is never on in my house
  • Do you snack on something while watching

    • Snack? Who has time to snack?
    • Snack? Too small. I have a full meal
    • Yes, I do it as I scream
    • Depends on whether there is something to snack or not
  • Will you go for a GOT themed party if invited?

    • Yes. I know who I’m going as
    • Yes even though it’ll be hard to get a costume
    • Depends on if I’ll get costume for free
    • Why? Is Winter coming here?
  • What would your GOT Job be

    • Royalty
    • Hand of the King
    • Night’s Watch
    • Will they pay me?
  • What is your favorite part of GOT

    • The Characters
    • The Plots
    • The attractive people
    • Just the theme
  • What was the first episode date of GOT

    • 17 April 2011
    • 18 April 2011
    • 19 April 2011
    • 17 April 2010
  • How many season does GOT have?

    • 8
    • 7 and a half because that ending was not it
    • 7 because S8 was just play
    • It is 8 but I don’t care
  • There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death:

    • Not Ever
    • Not Today
    • Not me in Jesus’ Name
    • Not Now


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