A Popular Christmas Movie Quiz: HOME ALONE


Home Alone is a 1990 American Christmas comedy film written and produced by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus. It was a blockbuster film back then and many still consider it as one of the best Christmas movies ever produced.

So how well do you know “HOME ALONE?” Let’s test our brain with the below session of Questions and Answer to see if we are still familiar with some of the notable scenes and flashes from the movie.

  • Who does “Harry” disguise himself as to find out when the families on the block will be gone?

    • Police Officer
    • Soldier Man
    • Naval Officer
    • Security Man
  • What is the tool that Harry and Marv always use in the movie?

    • Toy Gun
    • Crowbar
    • Hand
    • Shovel
  • How many kids are there in total?

    • 10
    • 11
    • 15
    • 9
  • Why was Kevin scared of his neighbor, the old man with the shovel?

    • He told him that he killed his family and half the people on the block
    • He saw Buzz with a mask on his face
    • He told him he has a gun
    • He told he’s a Vampire
  • There are wild rumors circulating about me, like that I murdered my whole family. I am really a nice guy who is estranged from my son. With Kevin’s help, I reunited with him on Christmas day. Who am I?

    • Old Man Marley
    • Old Man Buzz
    • The Man at the Pizza’s
    • Marv
  • Why doesn’t anyone want to sleep with Fuller?

    • He likes to sleep alone
    • he wets the bed
    • He Snores a lot
    • Hes Dirty
  • How much does Kate offer the couple at the airport if they trade her their tickets?

    • $200
    • $700
    • $350
    • $500
  • What famous actor offered to give Kevin’s mother a ride home when there were no flights available?

    • Joe Pesci
    • Joe Martin
    • James Maron
    • Kelvin Cody
  • I showed up at the house posing as a cop. I almost knocked Kevin over with my truck. I robbed a bunch of houses with my partner. I tried to bite off Kevin’s fingers but got knocked out. Which villainous character am I?

    • Marv
    • Kate
    • Harry
    • McCallister
  • What are the names of Kevin’s parents?

    • Peter and Vanessa
    • Catherine and Paul
    • Michelle and Marv
    • Kate and Peter
  • What is the name of the pizza company in Home Alone?

    • Little Nero’s
    • Domino’s
    • Big Nero’s
    • Nero’s Jr
  • What holiday song was Kevin playing when he tried to make the robbers believe his parent’s were throwing a party?

    • Christmas Carol Twists
    • ‘Rocking’ Around Santa
    • ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
    • Holiday’s blue moon


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