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Questions To Ask Your Partner That Doesn’t Include ‘How was your day?’

If you don’t want lame answers, you can’t ask lame questions. Here are some questions you can ask that do not fall into the category of lame.

Questions To Ask Your Partner That Doesn't Include 'How was your day?'

It is a new week lover and we hope that your relationship is going stronger as you progress on this love journey.

We know it is not easy because to love person na be beans. In that spirit, we am here to help you (again) to avoid all those unnecessary Have you eaten, what did you do, how was your day.

You will be asking lame questions and be vexing that you are receiving lame answers As if there is anything else to receive. The conversation that will not grow your relationship one inch. Better continue reading let me help your ministry so you can switch things up a bit.

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  1. What was the best part of your day? This is a conversation starter. No matter on which side of the divide the answer is, you’ll still have something more substantial than ‘fine’.
  2. What drained you today? This would be great especially if your partner had a bad or terrible day. It allows your Significant Other let it out and really talk to you regarding what they feel.
  3. What made you laugh today? Even if nothing made them laugh, and that is the first thing on their tongue, it gives you an idea on how hard the day must have been and then you can tailor your questions in that aspect
  4. How can I make your day in 5 minutes? Nobody will pass up an opportunity to make their life easier. They’ll quickly think of a way that they can use the free cheque given to them and make good use of it. So these are good questions shey.
  5. Did you listen to anything interesting today? This gives you an idea if your partner takes out time to receive new information or if they recycle kpangolo all day.
  6. What would tomorrow look like? To know if your partner has a plan of what their next day will be. Saying the same thing might be a sign of boredom o. Ehen
  7. Who did you abuse today and why? Let us be honest here o. Even if the abuse was inside his/her chest, it is still valid and you guys should talk about it and have a laugh.
  8. Is there anything that our relationship is lacking from my end? This might open up conversations that you are not willing to hear. So be sure of your mental space before you ask this question as it might be the opening of Pandora’s box and it might be hard to close back.

Just see as we have given you 8 ways to ask after your partner’s well being and how their feeling and knowing what they are thinking without using the popular, used and washed out phrases.

You are welcome Sir and Ma.


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