Puff-Puff vs. Buns: Twins with a difference

Almost everyone gets irritated when they ask for buns and get puff- puff instead or ask for puff-puff and get instead. Although these quick, delicious snacks have some resemblance, they have their sheer differences Differences Between Puff-Puff and Buns Puff-Puff and buns are commonly mistaken for each other. Both snacks are bailed-up pastry and are deep fried. Their ingredients are similar, but the preparation method is entirely different. While the puff-puff is oily, fluffy and soft on the inside, buns take a more crunchy form and soft inside.

Puff Puff
Puff-Puff is a typical street snack, deeply fried and most times one ball is not enough. Ok, let’s get things straight, puff-puff was not originated in Nigeria, and it is not only found in the streets of oshodi or any other street in Nigeria. Puff-Puff is eaten in Other countries but it is called something different over there. It is known as Mikate in Congo, Mandazi in South Africa, Kala in Liberia and Bofrot in Ghana. Apart from being a steet delicacy, Puffpuff is also served in events especially wedding as small chops. In Nigeria, we have taken puffpuff into another level. Nowadays puffpuff are now rolled on chocolate . The process of making puffpuff is easy, as it has fewer ingredients and requires little or no amount of skill. Still, it is exciting, and you need to be very focused when preparing it. To prepare puff-puff, you will need the following ingredients
 2 cups warm water
 Dry yeast ( 1 packet)
 3 cups of flour
 4 cup of sugar
 1 Tbsp salt Vegetable Oil for deep frying

 Mix salt, sugar, water, and yeast and set aside for 3 minutes. Add flour and mix. Allow the mixture rise for 1 – 2 hours.
 Pour vegetable oil into a pot, until it is at least 3 inches high and place on low heat. Make sure the oil is hot to use by putting a tiny amount of batter into the oil. If it is hot, the dough will rise, but if it is not, it will stay at the bottom.
 Use your hands to grab a bit of mixture one at a time and drop gently in the oil. When the oil is hot to use, use a metal spoon or spatula to dish up the batter, and another spoon to drop it in the hot oil, in the shape of a ball.
 Fry for a some few minutes until the bottom side is golden brown.
 Flip the ball over and fry for some minutes until the other side is golden brown. 10. Use a large spoon to take it out of the oil and Place them in a clean napkin to soak the excess oil.
 If you wish, you can roll the finished product in powdered sugar or liquid chocolate to make it sweeter.

Buns is another favorite street food in Nigeria. The difference it as with the puff-puff is the addition of milk, butter, and eggs. This ingredients make it crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside. Unlike the puff-puff, the buns have gotten some nicknames like “Rock” and “Rocky” becauae quenches hunger in no time. To prepare buns, you would need:
 3 cups of Flour
 1 cup of Sugar
 3 Eggs
 Two tablespoon of baking powder or yeast
 Pinch of Salt
 1 cup of Butter
 I cup of Milk
 Vegetable oil

 Get a deep bowl and prepare all the ingredients.
 Add flour, yeast or baking powder, sugar and a pinch of salt.
 Mix everything properly.
 Add milk and eggs and ontinue mixing the dough. Make small balls from the dough with your hands or using an ice cream scoop to make it round.
 Place all the balls on a big plate. Add oil on the pan and heat it. You’ll need a good layer of oil (2-3 centimeters high)
 Fry dough until they are golden brown.
 Make sure you use a spatuala to stir the balls while frying them
 . Serve the snack and enjoy!



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