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Pregnancy and You –Weeks 15 and 16 Information

Pregnancy and You –Weeks 15 and 16 Information

At week 15 pregnant your baby is now around 4 inches in length (10cm) and will weigh about 2.5 ounces (75g).

Although absolutely tiny, she will have working joints in her little limbs. Her legs will be longer than her arms – giving her a more finished shape.

Her flexible limbs will be helping her to move around in the surrounding amniotic fluid – the same fluid that is being breathed into her tiny lungs to help develop the air sacs.

Your baby’s facial muscles will be working overtime now with plenty of comical frowning and grimacing going on.

Her eyelids will still be fused together at week 15 pregnant but your baby will sense light and if you shone a strong torch on your tummy now she would turn away from the light.

Around week 15 pregnant you will have an ultrasound scan and it may be possible to establish whether your baby is a boy or a girl. But this very much depends on her position at the time and very often a little boy’s genitals are tucked away out of sight… so unless the expert doing the scan can guarantee the sex don’t bet on the outcome!

So how about you? Well at week 15 pregnant you should have only gained around five pounds in weight. If you have gained much more than this you need to take a good hard look at your diet.

Around this time you may feel like your nose is stuffy and blocked. This is caused by Increased blood flow to your nasal passages and is known as pregnancy rhinitis’. It can even cause nose bleeds.

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Try to enjoy this second trimester as your bump is still small and you should be well over any periods of morning sickness. Increased hormones could be making you more emotional or possibly feeling a little sexier.

Week 16 of Pregnancy

In just one week your baby will have grown another inch to 5 inches (12cm) and will now weigh around 3.5 ounces (100 g).

Her limbs are much more developed and both her eyes and ears will be in the correct positions (her ears will even be able to hear what you are saying).

Pregnancy and You –Weeks 15 and 16 Information

At week 16 pregnant her eyebrows, lashes, hair and nails are forming.

As for you; at week 16 pregnant your uterus will have reached halfway from your pubic bone to your belly button and the supporting ligaments will be thickening and strengthening.

Many mums-to-be feel their babies moving for the first time about now but don’t worry – sometimes it takes a few more weeks to notice it. These early movements are easy to miss, especially if it’s your first pregnancy, as they are no more than gentle flutters.


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