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Pre-bedtime routines are very necessary in human life. So let’s see the pre-bedtime habits most girls have.

Pre-bedtime routines that most girls have.

Pre-bedtime routines are very necessary in human life. So let's see the pre-bedtime habits most girls have.

A lot of us are generally creatures of habit and will tend to crave for structure and routine in our lives. We usually look for a kind of stable system that we can fall back on because it gives us a sense of control and order over how we live our lives.

In such a fast-paced world that we live in today, it can be really tempting to just go home after a long day at work and just head straight to the bed right away but women don’t just go to bed right away because there are things that need to be done.

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Are pre-bedtime habits really necessary? Well, technically no. There is no law in the universe that compels you to partake in these habits on a nightly basis but you still make sure that you try to tick everything off your checklist before you fall asleep.

So how many things on this list are you actually guilty of doing or not even doing?

  • DO THE WHOLE FACIAL ROUTINE: Of course, what’s the point of getting the popular beauty sleep if you don’t apply all of your creams, lotions  and toners beforehand
  • UPDATE YOURSELF ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS: We both know you have to check your Social Media pages before you call it a night because how else would you update yourself on the lives of the people around you and those you have never met?
  • HAVE A PRE-BEDTIME SNACK: You know that you have eaten dinner and it’s not that you are hungry but a light little snack wouldn’t hurt so much, right? which you can probably burn off while you’re sleeping abi?
  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH: Oral hygiene is something you should never neglect and adverts everywhere with the seal of dentists always say that you have to brush your teeth, morning and night.
  • WATCH A LITTLE BIT OF TELEVISION: You’re not really sleepy yet, so maybe you might just turn the television on and see what’s happening.
  • GO OVER THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE TO DO FOR THE NEXT DAY: You need to make sure that your tomorrow is going to be running smoothly and even if it somehow goes awry, it would not be because of no plan.
  • TAKE A REVIEW OF THE DAY YOU’VE JUST HAD, OR MAYBE EVEN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE: You know how you just think about your life in general and ponder over what might or might not be or maybe just glad to be alive.


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