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Power Banks and Their Negative Implications

Everything you didn’t know about the dark side of power banks.

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Power banks are an awesome piece of technology and over the past few years, the introduction of power banks for charging phones and other devices on the go have aided especially when there is no electricity available. Most power banks come with large capacities, which make them useful for lowering your devices multiple times without recharging it. Power banks also comes with their own set of disadvantages.

Here are some disadvantages of Power banks:

Bad Quality

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When choosing a power bank to purchase, quality becomes a very important factor. A power bank comes in various capacities, types and sizes and purchasing one of low quality will not only damage your phones battery capacity, it will also damage the charging port of the phone. Better to buy from a recommended retailer with a good reputation.

Security Risks

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Know now that sometimes the power bank you purchase can pose a serious security risk. Overcharging a bad Lithium-ion power bank will cause the power bank to explode. Now picture having that happen in a closed environment like your car or kitchen. It is advisable to always charge your power bank in the safest possible environment.

Wrong Voltage

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Without realizing it, some power banks come with the wrong voltage. This has led to several problems from draining your phones battery to damaging your phones battery. Typically, the ideal voltage for a phone is 5V. anything lower than that will cause the power bank to drain your battery rather than charge it, and anything higher will extensively damage your phones circuits.


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Power banks are designed to be used in case of emergencies and not to be an every time thing. Avoid constantly overcharging your phone up to 100% because over time, it will damage your battery, which normally leads to your phone battery not being able to retain power for long periods of time.

Long Charging Periods

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When you purchase a new power bank, it will sometimes take 10 to 12 hours for it to be fully charged and when you are in an environment where there is no constant electricity, it becomes a burden that you can’t fully charge your power bank. Most times, larger capacity power banks takes more time to charge than the lower ones.


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