Would You Rather?: 2nd Edition POLL

Making a decision over desire and morality can be one of the mos difficult decisions we can make. On the one hand you want something, but its on the negative scope of morality in the society. On the other hand, not that you don’t care but you’ll have to chose them to maintain sanity in the public eyes.

  • Would you rather…….

    • Read Minds
    • Predict The Future
  • With seconds counting, would you………..

    • Eat Only Pizza For A Year
    • Eat No Junk Food For A Year
  • In a panic, would you………

    • Give Up Your Current Career
    • Be An Awesome Single Parent
  • Marooned on an island, would you…..

    • Eat Your Best Friend With No Regrets
    • Die A Shameful Death With Them
  • Given the option, would you……….

    • Live Like A King With No Family Or Friends
    • Live Like A Peasant With Family And Friends
  • Would you rather……

    • Lie Your Way Out Of Trouble
    • Always Speak The Truth In Every Situation
  • Would You Prefer to……..

    • Rule The World
    • Cure World Hunger


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