Would You Rather: Which of these will you go for?

Given the right incentive, we could decide to be whomever, wherever, however, just to satisfy our personal goals and objectives. Today’s poll is geared to see what you would rather be within a given circumstance.

  • Would You Rather…….

    • Stop Aging Physically But Die at 60
    • Age Physically But Have Immortality
  • In Your Social Life, Would You Rather………

    • Be In An Amazing Relationship But Have No Friends
    • Have Great Friends But No Romantic Relationship
  • Offered 100k , Would You Rather………..

    • You too dey take things personal. With this, you will realize sharply how to cool temper small
      Stay Single For Six Months
    • Eat Raw Meat!!!!
  • Given The Opportunity, Would You………..

    • Date Your Ex
    • Sew This Shirt
  • When It Comes To Fashion, Would You…..

    • Get New Jackets
    • Get New Shoes
  • When Dieting, Would You Rather……..

    • Eat One Fruit Forever
    • your
      Eat All The Fruits Once And Never Again


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