POLL: Toughest Survival Instincts Poll Yet

No one wants to find themselves in extreme situations, but let’s be honest, sometimes it happens. We sometimes find ourselves in dire situations that would need us to put into play all our survival instincts.

And since different people react to situations in diverse ways, we have put together this short survival instincts poll. Let’s see how your instincts to survive compare with other people.

Engage a little imaginative power and take this short poll. Enjoy!

  • What Would You Do If You Wake Up Alone on the Shores of an Island?

    • Try to enter the island forest and explore/find help
    • Take the small boat on shore and face the ocean
    • Stay on the beach front and put out help signs.
  • What would you do if your aircraft pilot passes out and your plane is nosediving?

    • Man the controls and try to fly the plane
    • Take the nearest parachute and jump out of the plane
    • Start confessing your sins to God
  • What will you do if you are stuck on the third floor of a burning building?

    • Jump out the window
    • Take your chances and run through the flames
    • Chill and wait for the firemen to rescue you
  • What would you do if you hear a gunshot at your neighbor’s house in the middle of the night?

    • Turn off your bedroom light and go back to sleep
    • Try to peep discreetly at the window and call the police
    • Go out with your gun and find out what’s happening.
  • What would you do if you find out your travel bus driver is drunk?

    • Take over the driving
    • Force the driver to park till he sobers up
    • Sing ‘Jesus take the wheel’
  • Strolling through the woods and you come across a grizzly bear, what would you do?

    • Try to outrun the bear
    • Fight the bear
    • Play dead


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