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Pets: What Beginners Need to Know

A pet is a responsibility as well as a companion. Keeping a pet means keeping a promise to love and care for it. If you can do that, you can have wonderful experiences with pets.

The Most Popular Pets

Cats and dogs are undisputedly the most popular pets in the world. One out of three households have a cat or dog. Birds rank next in popularity, but they’re far behind cats and dogs. The most popular pet bird is the parakeet. Many people keep small animals like rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils as pets. Fish are also popular. Turtles are the reptiles most often kept as pets.

Pets Also Need Love and Care

We expect our pets to love and obey us. It’s important that we give them the love and care they need in return. Dogs especially want close contact with their owners. Our pets depend on us for food, grooming, attention, affection, and medical care. Before you get a pet, it’s important to know what its needs are.

Choosing A Pet


Dogs generally offer total and unquestioning love. Most dogs are loyal friends and great playmates. Dogs also require a lot of attention. They need to be walked and played with. They need to be housebroken and trained to obey. Different breeds of dogs have different personalities and requirements, so don’t choose a dog just by its looks!


Many people who don’t have enough time to give a dog the attention it needs choose a cat instead. Cats can live indoors, and they don’t need training. Cats like to play, and they make affectionate companions. They’re endlessly curious, and they entertain us with their pranks.

Pets in cages

This may be best for people without a lot of time or space. Rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils are active, friendly, and easy to care for. Parakeets enjoy talking and playing with mirrors and toys. They learn to perch on your finger. Watching fish in a home aquarium is also relaxing and fun. Tropical fish can be very beautiful.

Practical Pets

Pets are fun, but they also do work. Animals can be useful to have around. That’s why wild animals got tamed as pets.

Dogs, especially, can do lots of things.

  • They can stand guard in the night.
  • Hunters use dogs for fetching.
  • Ranchers use them to help herd sheep or cattle.
  • The police use dogs to sniff for bombs.
  • Some dogs are trained to help blind people and deaf people.

Having a pet can be good for your health. Pets offer companionship and make people feel less lonely. Petting an animal also helps people relax.

Problems with Pets

Pets can cause problems, too.

  • Dogs dig in the garden. They chew up household objects and can even bite people.
  • Cats like to scratch furniture. Both cats and dogs can make a mess on the rug.
  • Some people have allergies to animals.

But the biggest problem is that there are more pets than there are homes for them. Cats and dogs give birth to more cats and dogs. The number of unwanted pets is enormous. That’s why it’s important to consider having your pet neutered or spayed. Otherwise, you could wind up with lots of extra animal.


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