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PART 3: Things Every Sharp Guy Should Own

Here is the concluding part of the sharp guy list

This is How to Identify a Decent Man (Part 1)

I have come with the concluding part of the things top guys should know. And I am rest assured that as a sharp guy, you have already started acquiring these things small by small. If you have not, Uncle beht why are you so slow?

If you do not know what we are talking about, you can start reading here.

Now let us empty this barrel

  1. Great Socks: Is your socks game strong? Yes, or No.Having strong socks game is often forgotten in men’s fashion because it takes confidence to pull off but you should ask yourself, doesn’t anything worthwhile take confidence to pull off?
  2. Running Shoes: You think six packs will appear by sitting in front of the television and wishing for it abi? Ogbeni go and invest in some quality running shoes that fit you well. Your entire body will thank you for it.
  3. Candles: Excuse me, Sir, Wait first. I do not mean all those white candles that they sell in Iya Shaki’s shop o ehen. I mean those ones with perfume in them that you will put on and your apartment will smell nice. If you’re the average guy who never thinks about candles, you should definitely be thinking about them more.
  4. Home Office or Corner: The sharp guy should have a space to work and play that’s clean, comfortable and well lit. A space that can be called his own. Not only is it important, but it is also vital. So do it.
  5. Good Headset: Your ears have been good to you over the years haven’t they? So why do you insist on jamming those cheap earpieces inside of them? Go for quality, you’ll never go back to ear-abuse once you do.
  6. Gym Membership: Your health and your body have an impact on every aspect of your life. Even if it is just to have some kind of exercise regime, whether it’s running, playing Saturday football, or even chasing your babe around the house. Be healthy.
  7. Survival Kit in the trunk of your car: Be looking at me with side eye o. You will not agree how important this is until someone bumps into you and spills something on your shirt and you have a presentation in 5 minutes. Things to pack in your survival kit include An ironed shirt, a toothbrush, a shoe shiner, perfume or body spray, ties, t-shirt, energy bar, energy drink and maybe an extra charger.

So there you have it, the complete list, 27 things every sharp guy should own. If you do not own any or all of these items, we definitely know which category you belong.


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