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PART 2: Things Every ‘Sharp Guy’ Should Own

This is Part 2 of what sharp guys should own

10 Fashion Mistakes Most Young Men Make

Guy, Please, this revision/lesson has Part One already. You can read it here:

So to today’s post, let me just remind you that this is no way increasing your covetousness level or making you materialistic but instead it is to make you aware of the things that you should surround yourself with which then indicate your values and self-respect.

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So without further grammar, let us unearth more things that you should own

  1. White Plate: I know you are about to hiss and scroll down. The truth of the matter is, I am not even talking to you. I am talking to that brother that likes to cook and understands that presentation is also key when cooking. White plates make your food look better and they are easy to replace when you drop one or several.
  2. Iron and Ironing Board: Better calm down and read, it’s not like you take your clothes to the dry cleaners anyway. I know some of you are like that but please epp and get yourself at least an Iron.
  3. Towel: Not that one you have been using since you graduated from the University abeg. It is high time you buy another one and then some just in case bae is sleeping over, you do not want to present that torn, withered cloth to her ba?
  4. Sunglasses: What is a sharp guy without sunglasses eh? How do you protect your eyes from UV or hide them when they are red? Oga get yourself a wicked pair that you can whisk out to complete that casual look.
  5. Shoe Polish: You can solve a scuffed shoe problem in 10 seconds by having your own shoe polis and brush in handy.Surprising how I know that but you seem not to. Shine your shoes and standout as a sharp guy that cares about the finer details.
  6. A pen: This one is just me messing around o but I want you to think about it. In a world of tweets and emojis, don’t you think a pen will make a classy statement for a guy? Not biro o. Pen, sleek and set apart. You don’t? Oh well, I said I should try my luck
  7. Sound Device: The first step to becoming a great song merchant is having portable speakers on hand which are now a dime a dozen. The second step is developing the art for playing the music that everyone in the room will enjoy.
  8. Good Soap: Do not be the kind of man that goes with just any kind of soap, be intentional even with something as little as a bar of bathing soap. Go forth, smell great and you shall prosper.


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