#PARENTS: These Tips Will Help You Solve Your Kid’s Writing Problem


Handwriting problems is something that most parents don’t pay attention to yet it matters a lot.

There are exams where students are judged by their handwriting, besides, if your child answers a question correctly but her teacher isn’t able to read her handwriting do you reckon the teacher will call her to ask her? No! He’ll simply give her a score which might be less than what she deserves. So it is essential that parents help their children improve their handwriting.

Here are ways to help solve your child’s handwriting problems;

1. Grip

Your child has to get a good grip of their pen or pencil correctly, when a child has a wrong grip on their writing instrument their handwriting will be bad. Having the wrong grip on a pen makes your child’s writing slow, and it a bid to write fast, it turns out into unreadable scrawls.

To improve your kid’s grip, always make your kid pinch things like that of tongs or cloth clips. By making your child join some dots or do some coloring will improve their grip. Also, showing your child how exactly you grip the pencil and encouraging them to do the same will help.

2. Size

Small (not tiny) writing is clearer and easier to read and neater, although children start writing in big letters you have to teach them to write in smaller fonts, practice writing in small fonts so they can copy you. Meanwhile teach them to write consistently in small fonts, even though they might be tempted to write in big letters when writing fast.

3. Concentration

Teach your children to concentrate on what they are writing, when they know what they want to write, there’d be little spelling errors and cancellation in their write-ups. They also have to put their mind to writing clean, neat and clear write-ups.

4. Legibility
Sometimes, children mix up alphabets, they write “b” instead of “d” because they can’t spot the difference. So you have to teach them to read and write the alphabets until they are perfect.

5. Buy handwriting books

Buy handwriting books for them and let them practice writing out sentences and words again and again. The more they practice the better their writing will improve. And every time they practice, check that their handwriting is readable and straight, discourage curvy, bendy writing.

6. Placement

Discourage floating handwriting that is outside the lines of the notebook. Make them practice writing within the lines, and teach them how to fit in the tall letters like l, k, t and hanging letters like p, g, and q into the lines too.

7. Clear Confusion

Some letters can confuse children, help them distinguish between d, b, p and q and other letters like that. The best way to avoid confusion is to associate each letter with words, like d-for dog etc. Also, the way their hands curve when writing each letter can be used to help them distinguish between each letter.

Teaching your child to have a good handwriting that’s neat and legible will help him/her later in life. It may require your patience but please be patient with your child if they don’t get it on time.


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