Parents Should Be Aware of the Harms of the Latest Technology

Some days ago, Samsung Electronics released the foldable smartphone as well as other devices with amazing specs. All these smartphones and devices are meant to make lives of the user easier, let them perform various tasks and enjoy the latest technology.

They are indeed doing a wonderful job in facilitating the people around the world.

But the bad thing is people only talk about the positive or bright side of the latest technology. Everyone will talk about how amazing, nice looking and powerful the smartphones are. But no one will ever talk about the smartphone radiations emitted from the phones. No one will talk about how dangerous and harmful these radiations are for health. This is what we call the dark side of the latest technology.



We have seen the smartphones evolved over the years. There was a time when phones came with a small screen, low specs and fewer features but now they are way more powerful than ever, features bigger and huge screens as well as the latest features. Indeed, smartphones are facilitating people in doing wrong things but with the best and latest technology.

Let’s talk about the reality of smartphones spy tech are dangerous for kids. A teen or kid owns a device, smartphones or tablets. Parents pay them to buy these devices. But parents ignore the factor of how engaging and addictive a smartphone is for the children. The kids and teens use social sites, internet, as well as adult and porn sites. They ultimately make themselves vulnerable to the dangers of technology.

The Internet


A few days back, we learned that Huawei has introduced a 5G smartphone that will offer great internet speed and the most advanced cellular internet connectivity. This seems to be quite fascinating how we are experiencing so much advancement in a short time.

But people will ignore how easy the fast internet will make for the kids and teens to use social media apps as well as dating apps. With this, video calling will improve and people in the far off areas will finally get better internet connections. The online threats will continue to increase. But people will not talk about it because they are impressed with the latest technology and how cool the fast internet is.

Social Media

Initially, social media was used through desktop computers. But in 2007, Apple launched the first smartphone and soon after that other companies started making phones as well. Now, we see hundreds of tech companies with the best smartphones. These devices are the most powerful that make it really easy for users to connect to the internet and use social sites.

The harms and dangers of social media are nothing new. But people still ignore them and buy their kids the devices to use these sites. With this, the kids also use dating sites and apps to find partners. This is really getting out of hands and the parents should be worried about it.

The Way Forward for Parents

In such situations when the latest technology is harming us, making us phone and internet addicts and ruing lives of the teens- we need to think about how to fix these issues. For parents, this is a matter of great concern and they should not ignore the harms and dangers of the latest technology. Before it gets too late, we need to come up with means to handle this.



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