Parenting Tips In the Digital Era

While many parents might not like it, smart devices are here to stay, they are part of your kids’ life and will not going away. Parents should develop and educate themselves to keep up with the trend. It is not only about keeping up with the trend but being able to checkmate your kids’ activities with technology. This way, technology doesn’t become a distraction or menace to your kid. With that in mind, here are some tips for parents to keep up with their kids in the digital era:

Let your kids know you will be involved
Your children should not just see you as someone intruding on their privacy. Instead, let your kids know you will be monitoring their activities for their safety.

Have limits, guidelines, and routines
Limiting their screen time, restricting them to certain websites, etc., are the various forms that can help create a balanced structure for your child. Guide them through having a proper social media account and educate them on principles and ethics guiding the digital age to avoid inappropriate behavior.

Learn technology skills together
The rate of learning for young folks is pretty fast. Allowing them to teach you one of their hacks is one way of detecting their attitude towards technology as well as their disposition towards the digital world.

Encourage your kids to share their online experience
Your kids should be able to relate with you freely. Hence, let them share their experiences with you, and be willing to offer any advice they might need.

Rewards your children submission and penalize their obedience
Be sure to apply consequence management for inappropriate actions and reward/appreciate when they are compliant.

Let your kids know your belief system
Your kids should be aware of your moral values and codes. These codes and principles should stand out from what they will get on the internet. Let them be mindful of this, as it will help them when they get confronted with contradictory belief systems on the internet.

Encourage physical activities
Be sure that your kid does not get so caught up in technology that they limit themselves to staying all day indoors. Be sure to encourage family interaction. Ban smartphones when it’s meal time or when they have to study. Encourage them to have physical friends, not just virtual ones.

Use Parental Control
Many devices, search engines, operating system and games features parental control. Make sure you activate these features on your device as well as your kids’ devices, such as gaming consoles, tablet, mobile phone, and even television system. Keep an eye on your kids’ use of these devices.

Be a friend not a stalker
When your kid gets to the age in which they want to join facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform allow them but ensure you are friends with them on the platform. Be a friend and not a helicopter that will be hovering all over their activities. Do not comment on all their pictures! Give them so breathing space.



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