Pairing Wine With Cigars: How Did That Even Go Together?

Some Unbelievable hints on paring the two and finding the right wine in Nigeria

Upon first glance, wine and cigars may seem like they have nothing in common.

Often we tend to think of Scotch and the like in conjunction with cigar smoking. That’s not a fair assumption. However, finding a wine that matches well with your cigar in Nigeria can really enhance the taste enjoyment of both.

So now you just need to find a wine that matches well with your cigar. That’s really all about personal tastes but your best bets are going to be red wines. A big, bold red–like a Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon–can really stand up to a cigar. There are local wines in Nigeria though that can stand to it but you just need to do your research well. White wines, on the other hand, tend to be more delicate and can easily be overpowered.

Like wine, there are light, medium and full-bodied cigars. Just knowing that can help you match a red wine. For a light-bodied wine, like a Tempranillo or Beaujolais, try a lighter-bodied cigar. Prefer medium bodied cigars?

We’d say try a Shiraz or Chianti they are in big stores on Nigeria also if you can afford it. For a full-bodied cigar you could go with the aforementioned Zinfandel, a nice Bordeaux or maybe a Barolo.

For a medium or full-bodied cigar, another option is to try a fortified wine, particularly as an after dinner drink. The sweetness in these wines is often a nice compliment to the acidity of a cigar. A ruby port might go nicely with some cigars but the tawny variety would probably match a wider range of wines. Sherry is also a good option. And we don’t mean cheap, dry sherry. Try something a little richer, like an amontillado. It you really want to try an exotic sherry, try to find a bottle of Pedro Ximenez. Yes, that’s a type of grape and it’s used to make an intense and sweet dessert wine that would nicely compliment a quality cigar. A Madeira would also be a nice choice to accompany your smoke.

Be warned that finding the right pairing may take some trial and error. While a certain cigar and a certain wine may each taste great on their own, combined they just might not work. And remember, everyone’s taste buds are different. To you, a bottle of Spanish cava might by the perfect accompaniment. So do a little experimentation and find what works for you. If you enjoy it together then that’s all that really matters.

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