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Quick Fix For Your Shyness

Overcoming Being Shy? check the tips below


Causes of Shy Feelings

Being shy can be caused by various reasons and happen to all of us. This article is for those who experience it more often than others.

Feeling shy is caused by:

  • Having shame for your physical appearance, either of body or clothes;
  • The fear of aggression from unknown persons, either mocking or scornful;
  • Fear of being rejected by persons we consider important;
  • Having a feeling of superiority which causes us to imprison ourselves in a fortress.

Overcoming Being Shyness

Identify What Triggers You Fears

To confront your fears, you must first have to know who or what it is. Therefore, the aim of identifying your fear is to be able to study it. Over a period of time, you’re going to observe your shyness in action, as if you were a physician examining an interesting case.

Ask yourself these questions; What am I afraid of at this moment? Who makes me feel ridiculous? I’m not dressed well enough? Identifying these types of questions and of answering them honestly and immediately will be the first time you analyze your behavior objectively and see through it.

Understand People

An important step in overcoming being shy is to indulge in observing and understanding people. This task of observing people allows you to not only identify your own motivations, but also to gain some insight into the motivations of others.

By sharpening your perception, you get rid of the apprehension that prevented you from seeing others as they are. So, you’ll now see a person who seemed arrogant and frightening, now appears insecure, hiding their feelings of inferiority behind an aggressive personality. You’ll need more discipline, as well as introspection and self-honesty to see the truth about people and their individuality.

Eliminate All Negative Image

The step above was designed specifically to help you confront your shyness, and to analyze it from different points of view before making a judgement or conclusions. Now that you know what triggers you and you’ve taken time to understand people, it’s about time you eliminate all previous negative images you had about them and about yourself. This is important as you grow up and mature in a society where you constantly meet new people and circumstances that can push you to the curb.


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