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Outfit Ideas for The Dark-Skinned Men

Dark skinned Men are a dfinite delight to behold, here are outfit ideas for you.

Outfit Ideas for The Dark-Skinned Man

As a dark complexion man, you know that lighter colours for you require the right balance and if primed well, very few colours will clash on your skin tone when used in the right combination. This post will introduce to you  5 outfits in your wardrobe items that work especially well with men who have a darker complexion and can be broken down to create new outfits with the rest of your wardrobe.

  • Navy Suit

Unless it is the suit bought for your upcoming wedding, there is nothing like saving your suit for the perfect moment. You can wear a suit any day. Although it is considered formal wear, that doesn’t mean that you have to only wear one for weddings, interviews, and big meetings. Your suits can be dressed up or down, all you need is the right mix of ingredients.

Navy blue is one of the most versatile colours for a suit which can be paired with lighter colours of a shirt on men with darker complexions. A suit is two separate items of clothing which you pay for and they are a pair of pants and a suit jacket that just happen to match. Once you start looking at your suit as the combination of two individuals entities, you’ll notice a number of outfits you can easily pull together.

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  • Gingham ShirtGingham shirts are one of the most universal clothing items in men’s closets today and they look good on almost everyone. Image result for gingham shirtThe gingham shirt is perfect as it will look good on you even if the shirt is not perfectly ironed as it hides wrinkles and even draws the eye away from any extra weight around your body. It takes little or no effort to pair a gingham shirt with the other items in your wardrobe. They can be worn year-round and can be dressed up or down with khakis, jeans, dress pants and suits.
  • Navy Silk Knit TieA solid navy knit tie with a blue gingham shirt and a navy suit is an absolute winning combination. The dark colour of the tie complements your skin tone and presents a more uniform and professional look. Anything other than a basic Half Windsor or Four In Hand knot will make the knot look really bulky (Check our post on Types of Tie Knot here). As with a traditional pointed necktie, the end of the tie should still hit the top of your waistband.
  • Brown ShoesAn Oxford shoe is a versatile style that can be worn to suit any formal occasion from a regular day at the office to special events like weddings. Outfit Ideas for The Dark-Skinned ManDark brown is a more versatile colour than black for shoes as they add extra variety and colour to your outfit.
  • Watch A stylish watch is the most basic of accessories in a man’s outfit and if you are going for a job interview, a slim, sleek dress watch is appropriate but to balance a dressed down suit, you need a timepiece with a bit more weight to it to help balance the look. Leather bands look more relaxed than metal and wearing a brown leather strap is preferable because you can wear it for a boardroom meeting or on in the field when physical labour is required.
  • Trousers

         If your trousers fit correctly, you don’t need a belt but if you still prefer to wear one, select a belt that is no wider than an inch or so. A simple flat frame metal buckle is all you need and please ensure that your shoes and belt compliment each other in colour.


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