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Online dating has becomes popular, but there are red flags you should watch out. Here are they

Are you open to online dating? Here are a couple of red flags you should watch out for.

Online dating has becomes popular, but there are red flags you should watch out. Here are they

Online dating definitely has its perks and high points as Social Media platforms have brought people from different works together and helped to connect people. In as much as these perks are high, there are also risks related to dating online.

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You need to be sure to look out for these red flags as you pursue romance in the digital world.

  • RED FLAG 1: These people you will only see a few photos or no social media presence. Online daters should post a few photos to garner interest and provide a small glimpse into their offline world, if this person has none then you should be very careful. If you suspect that their profile is fake, use Google’s reverse image search to double-check.
  • RED FLAG 2: These st of people have their profile focusing on their “wants”, but doesn’t reveal much about what they bring to the table. The willingness to share information about their own history, interests and offerings is essential to conveying availability and interest their not unwillingness to do so, portrays them as not available or not interested as you are.
  • RED FLAG 3:They only post photos but don’t bother to fill out the details of their profile. If they’re really interested in finding a partner, they should be able to take a few minutes to share some details about both themselves and what they seek in a partner.
  • RED FLAG 4: If they disappear and reappear without any credible explanation, we call this ghosting and you should take heed. There is a good chance that they’re not being completely honest about their intentions and or relationship status.
  • RED FLAG 5: If their life seems unrealistic, they’re probably lying about one or a million details. Especially if you catch on harmless fabrications about height, weight, build, age and income as some online daters are more audacious when it comes to stretching the truth.
  • RED FLAG 6: They make excuses to avoid phone calls, Skype/Facetime dates or in-person meetings. Even though the dating may begin online, in most cases, online daters plan to meet over the phone or in-person as time goes on.
  • RED FLAG 7: Be wary of anyone who always talks often about exes and bad dates and then you find out in these series of stories about bad dates and sour relationships, they do not seem to hold themselves accountable for any part of the break-up. You may want to consider running the other way from this common denominator in each of these bad relationships.


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