“O jewa ke eng?” Check Out The Most Hilarious Replies To This Trending Question

“O jewa ke eng?”

I’m sure by now you must have seen this strange looking question somewhere and thought “What language is that?” or ‘What does that mean?”. Those were the first thoughts on my mind too when I initially stumbled on it. Well, it is not English or Yoruba language, neither is it Hausa or Igbo language. Let me tell you what it is.

This trending question is South African and it simply means “What’s bothering you?”. It came into wide spread online recognition after being tweeted by @akreana_ on the 5th of January, this year. She originally meant the tweet to be just for her predominantly South African follower base, but the question was quickly taken up and spread like wild fire, becoming a continent wide trend.

The question “O jewa ke eng” has been used since then to help people share stories of what they are going through in their lives. Several threads have been created with this question and heartbreaking stories shared by people from all over the continent.

This trending question also made it into the Nigerian online space but trust us as the ‘Giants of Africa’ to take it up a notch. While using it to share depressing life stories, Nigerians have also found a way to have fun with it by creating hilarious threads on tweeter. Here are some of the most hilarious answers to the question “O jewa ke eng”:

The African Mum Thread

Some other people used it to give savage clap backs.

The Nigerian Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), who are currently on strike and crippled activities in Nigerian Federal and State owned tertiary institutions, tried to go with the trend…

..But it backfired as Nigerian students currently stranded at home didn’t find it very funny.

So answer this question for me;

O jewa ke eng?


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