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Now, Let’s Settle This Straightaway! What’s More Important – Health, Wealth Or Time?

Now Let's Settle This Straightaway! What's More Important - Health Wealth Or Time?

There are three areas by which we humans are guided. They are health, wealth and time and we’re usually not focused on all of them at once.

We pick one and base our life around it whether consciously or subconsciously, but which is the most important?

The debate is on about which holds the crown of importance, because we have the privilege of determining that for ourselves. Once the choice is made, you are delivered to your respective box in which you’ll shape your life. There you’ll find service, opportunity and consequence aptly matching your decision.

Let’s look at the first area of “health”. When asked, most people will choose this as the most important. When one chooses health, a series of rituals are instituted designed specifically for the benefit of the physical body. Luckily, the benefits of maintaining optimum body balance are also enjoyed by the emotional and intellectual parts as well.

Not a bad choice, for without health, you cannot gain wealth, because you’re too sick to do what’s necessary for its achievement. Besides, a lack of health means the time you spend here is not considered “Grade A”. Humanity has established that a happy, prosperous life and poor health are not in harmony and cannot coexist. Who wants a life of illness, struggle and limitation? Of course, by choice, no one.

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Those in good health are ideal in helping those who are not. Caring for the sick and less fortunate is easy for one with a strong physical ability.

The adventures of exploring this planet await you in the mountains, in the ocean, up in the sky and on land. Even space is waiting just for you.

When we’re physically strong and in good health, we have an open book before us in which we can write new history notes for others to read and share. But is it really the most important of the three?

Let’s talk now about “wealth”. This word offers different options to its chooser. For instance, a wealth of knowledge is sought by lifelong learners. Financial wealth is chased around the globe, sometimes to the extreme. Relational wealth is chosen by those who love people. A wealth of power is wielded by good and bad alike, and hunted by many well-armed foot soldiers. Spiritual wealth is gained through study and prayer.

It’s another good choice, for without wealth, it may be difficult to find good health care. Our living conditions may be poor, thus making it easy for health to diminish. The consistent lack of fresh and nutritious food will surely suffer the physical body, and as well, the emotional and intellectual parts in turn, will reduce our time.

Wealth is another great candidate for the crown, but is it really the most important?

Now let’s talk about “time”. Time is unique in that we all receive it equally. Some are here longer than others, true, but we’re referring to the breakdown of time we have while we’re here. The distribution of hours in any given day is equally available to all and its assignment is freely granted to every walk of life, whether human or animal.

We invest time because it is a non-renewable commodity, one in which the youth generally pay no mind, but one in which the elders cherish.

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What if we had no time? I think we can safely say that if there is no time, there is no us, according to our present understanding. Time is inherent to our existence. Life and time are bonded from our perspective and we cannot have one without the other.

Can we have life without health? Yes. Sad and shortened perhaps, but yes, we can have life without health.

Can we have life without wealth? Yes. Many of us already do.

But, we can’t have life without time. Therefore, time is the most important. When we have time we have life. Along with life comes choice. With time, life and choice we have the foundation of opportunity that makes up our visit to this place. It’s like being put in a giant toy box and allowed to play for a while.

Some of us play with health, some with wealth and others with time. The choice is ours. The decisions we make each moment are based on one of these areas and it’s what we choose to do with our time that will determine our health as well as our wealth. Time provides the color, but these choices become the brushes that paint the landscape of our life.


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