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No Be Only Police Get Uniform! Read These 6 Ways to Having a Personal Style Uniform

We suggest you have a style uniform. Read this to know why and how.

No Be Only Police Get Uniform! Read These 6 Ways to Having a Personal Style Uniform

You’ll probably be asking what a Personal uniform is well it is basically your perfect every day, the go-to outfit made up of classic pieces you feel comfortable and chic in.

We are not saying your signature look should look like Mark Zuckerberg by wearing grey T-shirts all day, having the same thing every day or having 30 identical pieces. Personal style is not only about functionality, but it is also about creativity and versatility as well.

Having a style uniform is a big step towards a conscious, smart, financially savvy lifestyle, it simplifies our daily lives in a major way and makes us less likely to make rash decisions, fall victim to impulse spending, or buy things that only look good on the hanger and do not work for us at all.

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  • INVEST IN YOUR STATEMENT PIECES: It makes sense to buy the best quality when it comes to pieces you can afford or pieces that are the building blocks of your wardrobe and are your favourite pieces.
  • FIND YOUR COLOR PALETTE AND BUILD ON THAT:  The chances that there are colours you prefer to others is very high. Work with that and build your signature uniform around that colour palette.
  • IT’S OK TO HAVE SEVERAL UNIFORMS: Different activities or events require different styles and it’s OK to have several uniforms tailored to your lifestyle. You can have one for work, for going out with friends, for more elegant events, for different seasons.
  • YOU CAN HAVE A SIGNATURE BEAUTY LOOK AS WELL: Uniform style is not only about the clothes you wear, but also about your beauty choices can also be a part of your signature look. The lipstick you like best or the way you wing your eyeliner. It can be anything you want it to be.
  • ADD SOMETHING UNEXPECTED AND ACCESSORIZE: Note that because we call it the uniform does not make it boring, constricted, or anti-fashion. It’s the embracement of simple personal style and it doesn’t mean it has to be the same all the time. You are not restricted by rules or limits so add something unexpected when you feel like it including statement pieces and accessories.
  • COMFORT ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE: Uniform dressing is all about simplicity and comfort. However you want to dress, the base must be something you’re comfortable with wearing for the majority of the day. It also means, it must be in sync with your lifestyle and daily activities.


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