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Nigeria’s Top Artists Whose Names You Should Know

These are part of the names to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s art scene

Having more than 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria has one of the richest cultures on the face of the earth with art being one of her ways of expression. Below is a list of some of the best artists who explore Nigerian culture through their art. If you are a lover of the Arts and everything it stands for, you should be cognizant of these artists.

  1. Nike Davies-Okundaye

    Nike, is the founder of Nike’s Gallery, the largest of its kind in West Africa. She is a textile designer famous for her batik weaving and dyeing workshops. Her works feature scenes of everyday Nigerian life, in vivid, unforgettable colours.

  2. Peju Alatise

    Peju is an architecture degree holder and also a poet.  Her subjects often cover issues like identity and female perceptions and reflections within themselves and society. As well as being exhibited in Nigeria, Peju has had her work featured as part of a residency at the Smithsonian in the US. Higher Horses, 2014

  3. Victor Ehikhamenor

    This man is one of the most popular artists in Nigeria.  He is also a writer. He is a recipient of multiple fellowships, residencies and awards. His exhibitions have been held across Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

  4. Olumide Oresegun

    This painter came into global attention via social media with his hyper-realistic oil paintings. Olumide who has been working for years and has an extensive array of works to his credit has been exhibited locally, extensively. Artists in Nigeria, Olumide Oresegun


  5. Sam Ebohon

    This artist has been working for more than a decade and is one of the most recognizable visual contemporary artists working in Nigeria. He has been exhibited at home and abroad.


  6. Tola Wewe

Kindred Spirits, 2014. Artist,Tola Wewe

The Ondo state indigene was a founding member of the Ona movement in art which draws influence from Yoruba culture, especially the water spirits. He is also a frequent collaborator with Nike Davies-Okundaye.


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