Nigerian Practices modernization has helped curb

The Pre colonial Nigerian culture is viewed as a subject of so many discoveries as well as researches. Regardless of whether Nigeria seems to be one, it encounters battles from within. One reason for this battle is religion.

Let’s talk about our common social practices. As at today, few Nigerian kids, particularly in the cities, can’t speak their local dialect. In a few homes the nation over, talking about vernacular or local lingo is prohibited.
The conventional tribal marks have become dull. Let’s agree that that practice is awful, when last did you see a Yoruba chap go level on his stomach to welcome a senior? This old Yoruba custom of showing respect has slowly faded. Let’s see some of these practices that would have existed if not for the british intervention.

Feeding Violence
Some of the time kids don’t want to eat, when their folks want them to eat. Back then, some parents in the Gwaris, Yorubas and Hausas found a vicious answer for this issue. In the event that a child does not have any desire to swallow watery food, at that point the guardians or parental figures put the child’s head between legs, close the nostrils and give nourishment to the mouth when the child opens it.

If the child cries amid this method, at that point it’s a decent sign for a parent to feed them. These social practices cause choking, pneumonitis and pneumonia.

Child Marriage
Child marriage is a typical social practice in some Nigerian clans. The primary casualties of early marriage are young ladies. The marriage age for them is viewed as around 12 years of age. In any case, a few young ladies enter the puberty after she is married. Most times, Violence happens when a young lady declines to wed or engage in sexual relations with a spouse.

They experience the burden of the pregnancy in the youthful age and experience the pain of obstructive work. Young ladies can be purchased straightforwardly from their parents. Huge numbers of the kids are offered in marriage for future financial and political advantages.

Female Circumcision
This practice is otherwise called female circumcision. It’s one of the social practices, where a female kid needs to experience the method of partial or complete evacuation of the female genitals for non-medical reasons. A few societies in Africa see this custom as a piece of turning into a lady. Therefore, young ladies experience the system amid the adolescence time frame.

Female Genital Mutilation is accepted to be made to guarantee ladies’ virginity. Some clan societies see outside female organs as an unclean. Along these lines, they trust that they clean them young ladies with mutilation of the organs.

Witch Burning
Life in Nigeria and Africa in general, is constantly associated with survival. Besides, African individuals are profoundly religious, and the frantic occasions they are prepared for urgent and stupid measures. Communities may encounter different sorts of catastrophe, as long dry season, ailment of clan individuals, the passing of dairy cattle. By the by, rather than looking for sensible reasons of these issues, they will in general trust that it tends to be divination.

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Along these lines, they consume blameless individuals to light up the magic is one the most unsafe customary practices in Africa.


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