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Nigerian Lady Recounts The Strange Conditions On A House She Wanted To Rent In Abuja

A Nigerian Facebook user recently took took to social media to recount the strange conditions attached to a house she intended to rent.

The lady known as Eketi Edima Ette was thrown aback when she discovered that the conditions attached to the N500k house included having no male visitors, 8pm curfew, participating in a daily morning devotion with the landlord’s family, not playing worldly music and dressing indecently.

According to the woman, she rejected the house after she discovered the strict conditions. She also appealed for help in her house hunt.

Nigerian lady recounts strict conditions attached to an Abuja house she wanted to rent

“Some Abuja landlords are moving mad!,” she wrote.

The conditions

“I know you’re single, and I don’t want my children to get used to seeing the faces of different men. So, no male visitors are allowed. Your curfew is 8 p.m. If you don’t come back before then, you’ll have to stay outside as I lock my gate by 8. Also, we have daily morning devotion and you must join us.”

Kai! Eve’s daughter has suffered! On top 500k rent for that cubicle.

Other instructions:
No playing of worldly music and must be decently dressed at all times. Oh, by the way, his children get to decide if he’ll rent out the house.

“You know children are very spiritual beings. If I ask them, ‘Do you like this auntie?’ and they say, ‘No’, I can’t give you the house.”

“Tenants are also strongly advised to join their weekly house fellowship.

Please, this is a huge plea. I need a rent-free apartment. If you know anyone with an empty house/BQ in the FCT, tell me. Or better still, give them my contact details. I can care for the main house and grounds while they’re away. Please. Talk to your uncles, aunties, sugar daddies, sugar mummies, destiny helpers, etc. Thank you!” she

E jo.
Biko,” she concluded the post.


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