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Nigerian Celebrities Who Had a Thing or Two to Say About Homosexuality

Nigerian Celebrities Who Had a Thing or Two to Say About Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria and with this many have been arrested and persecuted for being gay.

This has since gotten many to share their thoughts on the LGBTQ community with some of these being Nigerian celebrities.

Here are celebrities who have said a thing or two about homosexuality.

Today we take a look at 5 top celebrities who have spoken about homosexuality.

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1) Illbliss

March 23, 2016, ace rapper Illbliss took to his IG page to share his thoughts on homosexuality stating clearly that he is not in support. Sharing a photo of Jussie Smollet and Empire creator Lee Daniels kissing on stage, Illbliss wrote; “LEE DANIELS AND JUSSIE SMOLLET! Of our Beloved show “Empire! I don’t give a flying 747 F if it affects my fan base but I’m utterly disgusted at how society keeps embracing homosexuality till it’s become almost normal… This is wrong according to Gods Laws and I follow Gods laws and not man’s. Television continues to propagate gay Culture.. Remember!!!! YOU CAN NEVER MOCK GOD!!!!”

2) Kiss Daniel

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Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel also reportedly made a statement about gay marriage in America. According to him via his IG page;  “Ok, so, g@y marriage is legalized in the U.S? Some are mad, some are indifferent, some are glad. Straight or G@y, what matter is we’ve got a heart that can love. Love is love and love always wins. Barrack Obama, peace.” He, however, denied he ever said anything like this a few days later.

3) Charles Novia

Nollywood filmmaker Charles Novia had a thing or two to say after the anti-gay law was passed. In his words; “I have nothing against Gays. I believe in tolerance. But I do not in any way support the notion that a Same-sex marital environment should thrive in Nigeria.”

4) Tosyn Bucknor

Late OAP Tosyn SPOKE against the anti-gay law. In her words;“There is no way I am not relocating from Nigeria sha. Even if I have braved through no power, bad roads, insecurity and all, this bill against consenting adult sexual behavior is just pathetic, discriminatory and hypocritical. And to make it worse they even criminalize Gay Rights Groups. Congrats Nigeria, You always make me ashamed of you.”

5) DJ Jimmy Jatt

The veteran DJ in an interview with Punch in 2015 spoke on homosecua;ls saying he can sure perform in a gay club. According to the veteran; “Honestly, I don’t mind playing in a gay bar or performing in a show filled with gays. It is a free world, you know. Why should I bother about anybody’s sexual preferences or relationships? It’s not my business to bother about what they do with their bodies in private or to themselves.”

6) N6

Rapper and OAP N6 is also one celebrity who has absolutely no issues with gay people. In an interview, N6 talked about his gay business partner and what he has learnt from this person.

“I have no problems with homosexuals. An openly homosexual business partner here paid one of the biggest and most successful money I have made in my life to me in Nigeria.

“I have no problem with them, but this is the law of the land. [Editor’s note: The misleadingly named Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, enacted in 2014, provides for prison sentences of 10 years for Nigerians belonging to a gay organization, supporting same-sex marriages, or displaying same-sex affection in public.]

7) Alex Ekubo

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The Nollywood actor shared a pro-LGBTQ message earlier this year asking that people allow gays to live their lives. In his words;

Learn to live & let live, if a person wants to be gay, let them gay in peace, personally i’m NOT, have NEVER been, & will NEVER be, lets allow pple to be free & comfortable with their sexual preference, stop the name calling & shaming,”

8) Tonto Dikeh

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The actress who is also friends with crossdresser Bobrisky is an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Showing support for actor Jussie Smollet following his alleged attack, Tonto advised people to stop hating on gays.

Sending you Love and Light.. No one shld suffer because they love differently.. I know what the Bible says about this,

9) Bisi Alimi

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Bisi Alimi is a gay rights activists who came out as a gay man many years ago. He is a constant advocator for the LGBTQ community.

10) M.I 

The ace rapper has also spoken on the gay law in Nigeria, slamming it. According to M.I;

“I feel like I have a few friends with different sexual orientations and I think it’s stupid that we have that law in Nigeria, but now that we do, until the law is repealed, I feel it’s not safe to openly disclose your sexuality.

Know more celebrities who have spoken for or against homosexuality in Nigeria, let us know in the comment section.


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