#Nigeria: Startups or White Collar Job?

Let’s take a look at how they are faring


Business in Nigeria could be complex with the fact that there are a lot of new start ups dominating the industry. A lot of them are doing pretty good and it would take a very good business minded person with a huge possession of resources to be able to compete with them.

Business in Nigeria because wasn’t what many people would like to do as the only people that does it are meant to be older. Lately, young and brilliant entrepreneur has emerged and are doing very good in their chosen area.

For example there is a program on the TV that deals with startups in Nigeria and you could hardly see an older people in one of the CEOs.

Not saying older people aren’t involve in business this days but a lot of people doing it are very young. We used to live in the era of white collar job, and till now there are people still looking for what. White collar job is very good and you can be assured of getting something (earning) at the end of the month to take home.

Business in the other way round, is full of risk minded people that wouldn’t afraid to take risks. Income is not guaranteed in business not until you are well know and more people patronize what you offer for sale.

Even at that, there are more risks that can come in that would make you lose all your money which of course we never pray for.

Business for some people, is the best and if you ask them they will give you reasons for that. Either you are working for someone or company or you are operation your own business, the most important thing is to be straightforward and do things according to how it needs to be done. Business has it’s own risk while the other has her own too.



As a Nigerian, you should have something you are doing to earn you a living. The only thing that will never deceive you is your hard work! Involve everything into your business or your job and you shall see the benefits at the end of the day.

Our recommendations would surely be for you to get a skill. Go out there and learn a skill if you do not already have one, it will help you become your own boss and that will never fail you. Start doing something with your skills and you will see how long that would go.

This is what we need currently in this country. Instead of you to be taking your CV everywhere looking for a white collar job and being deceived.

You might even be spending your little finance on transport or resources to get a job that is not even a sure banker for you. Why not learn a Skill if you don’t already have one and start something? Why not start a business with that little amount you have and see how it grows at a long run?

It is sure not a get rich overnight things, but if you can start today and out your hard work in it, things would change for you. There are a lot of skills to learn. A simple research would let you know which one fits well into your personalty and which one you have passion for.

Some of the people you are seeing today aren’t holding a single job, they have their side hustles that brings them money. Go get a skill and start a business! If we all could do that, Nigeria would be a better place for us and i know things would change for good. This is also very important, DO WHAT YOU HAVE PASSION FOR! and sky would be your limit.

Do you have any recommendations? Put it in the comment box. Thanks for reading.


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