New Year’s Resolutions Every Couple Should Keep

It is not too late to have a new year’s resolution


Making couples resolutions with your partner is a great way to assist in strengthening your relationship and sticking to promises.

A couple resolution will help you dive through the year the right way and strengthen your bond as days pass.

It is not too late to have a new year’s resolution. Are you bent on making your relationship better this year? Read the following tips:

  1. Reduce screen time

When you’re spending quality time with your love, avoid all electronic gadgets and set your phone on silent mode.

Be present when your partner is talking to you; do not scroll through texts, focus on your phone’s screen or reply notifications that are buzzing on your phone. Focusing on your phone instead of paying full attention gives your partner the impression that they’re not worth your attention.

Set a time to accomplish tasks on your phone and computer, and reduce the usage of electronic gadgets by having more personal conversations.

Resolve this year to saying ‘I love you’ to your partner’s face rather than sending it by text.

  1. Do generous things together!

This shouldn’t just be around the holidays; help the privileged in one way or the other. Act as volunteers and make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Doing good things as a couple will strengthen your bond and promote love and friendship.

  1. Stop fighting over little things

Do not let trivial issues affect your relationship. Prevent petty arguments by accepting to tackle issues as a union. Ask yourself, “Is the issue worth fighting for?”

  1. Break a bad habit together

If you both share a habit you’re bent on breaking, it is the moment to help one another to break it, rather than managing or encouraging the habit.

If you consume too much alcohol, make a rule to drink lesser alcohol and endeavor to stick to it.

  1. Do exciting things together

Play together, improve your intimacy, go on dates at night, and engage in activities that you both love to do (such as cooking, taking a piano class, exercising, etc.).

Do something different that will bring spark and fun to your relationship and make you closer. Have pillow fights, paint each other’s face, and dance in the rain!

Having a new year’s resolution as a couple will make your 2019 better, fun and filled with love!



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