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Need to text your girl? Here are a few text message idea that might help you achieve that

Texting with finesse takes practice. This post will help you be on the right track.

Need to text your girl? Here are a few text message idea that might help you achieve that

When you like a lady, you will probably think about her about every half minute and that is a good thing. If you want it to be reciprocated and she thinking about you every half minute, then you should certainly keep reading this post.

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Please note that sending sexual text messages is not the way to go especially if it is not something that she sounds open to, we will suggest that you go for genuine. A genuine text message of how you feel in that moment will last much longer than a picture of your private part, trust us. We really recommend you stay away from sending those because she’ll most likely think you are a perv.

  • Your smile makes my day: This should only be sent if her smile makes up your day. We do not want your text to convey dishonesty of any kind okay? If it does not, there are others below.
  • I am lying in bed, thinking of you: This will certainly not be a lie because that moment between awake and asleep, she probably must have crossed your mind once or twice.
  •  I didn’t think I could feel this way about somebody until I met you: Having a partner to call your own brings out different feelings and emotions. The level of these said emotions or feelings are heightened or lessened depending on the individual you are with
  • Everything in my life is chaos, but you’re the one thing in my life that makes sense: On days where everything is upside down and your significant other is right there being a strong tower, this is the text you send
  • I don’t know how I found you, but I’m happy I did: Isn’t this cute? When you wake up in the morning, before the hustle and bustle makes you forget that there’s love in your life, send this text. She will think of you all day.
  • I just love who you are: Every woman wants to know that she is appreciated for who she is even with her flaws and all. Sending this message reassures her that you love her in totality.
  • Hey beautiful, I hope you are having a good day? I’m thinking about you: In the middle of the day, just send her this text. We can guarantee that she’ll keep blushing until she closes for the day.
  • I have all these pickup lines ready to use, but every time I look at you, I forget them: This one is tilting to the side of corny but which will resist a man who says corny stuff eh?
  • I love when you: We saved the best for last. This is the truth of your relationship and you should not let her forget it


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