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My boyfriend! My boyfriend!! but does he do any of the things listed below? Let’s Find Out

Is he truly your boyfriend if he does not do the things on this list? Ask yourself.

My boyfriend! My boyfriend!! but does he do any of the things listed below? Let's Find Out

This boyfriend status is not a joke and giving it to anyone that does not deserve it is not only doing you injustice but also lowering the bar for the rest of us.

There are certain things that he needs to be doing before the title is conferred on him. Let us get right into it.

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  1. Does he make an effort with your family or friends? Does he make a genuine effort where your friends and family are concerned or does he act like they don’t exist? Does he know that they are important to you so they have to be important to him?
  2. Does he tell you he loves you? Is your boyfriend in love with you in deed and in words? Does he love you enough to make sure that you’re the only girl in his life? If he does not, is he truly the
  3. Is he open to you about his feelings? You should be with someone who is not afraid to be open with you regarding everything he is going through. Like does he keep it real with you or he is still putting you on a pending list.
  4. Does he talk about the future with you? Does he let you know that he’s serious about being with you? Does he let you know that he isn’t looking to engage in a casual hookup or fling with you but he genuinely likes you, and he wants to get into a serious relationship with you.
  5. Do you hang out or go on dates together? Is there effort on his part in the relationship or are you the only one carrying it on your head? Planning a date means he has to make an effort. So ask yourself, Is my man making effort(s)?
  6. Does he try to make you happy? Of course, it is imperative to know that you should always go for a man who puts your happiness first but because it’s a rarity in these times, I understand how this might be overlooked. If your boyfriend does not, you need to ask yourself why you are dating him
  7. Does he treat you well? For him to be worthy of being your boyfriend, he has to be a gentleman first by treating you with respect and dignity. I know some men have been known to fake it but can it be faked forever?
  8. Does he accept you? Your flaws and imperfections are part of the things that make up who you are. If he does not understand that you are human, too, and that we are all prone to having spots on our record then you should not be with him.


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