MUST READ! Inventions That Are Completely Stupid

These inventions would put you off your sit


Have you ever stayed awake all night watching an infomercial selling a useless product? Or have you walked through a Super Market and found a very dumb gadget? Well, i have looked all over the Internet to find some of the the worst, and in my opinion, it all comes down to a very faulty design by the producer. Below list includes failures in technology, food, clothing and more. I can’t promise that you will have faith in humanity reading this list; But one sure thing i know is that, you will mostly agree with me as a Nigerian. however, you may have some fun seeing our lists of Inventions That Are Completely Stupid and Baseless.


  • Air Conditioned Shoes


Brand: Hydro-Tech

Air Conditioned Shoes provide extra fresh air in your shoe soles, however, it’s just a common pair of shoes with holes in them. Not only is it not an upgraded pair of shoes, it’s just an incomplete product they are trying to pass to us as a luxurious item. They claim the product has “unique filter technology.” Are you kidding me? Yeah, we can put holes in our own shoes and not pay $75 (NGN 27,000) for it. We’ll agree though that the guy’s grin in the image almost had us sold. This type of laughter is freaking huge for what he’s selling.

  • iPotty

Brand: CTA Digital


The CTA Digital iPotty is meant to make potty training less of a work for kids; however, the whole idea is obviously nasty to me and unnecessary. We all know your kids are going to get excrement on your technology this very way. Tell me, what kid needs to be entertained even when on the potty?

  • Shoe Umbrella


This Shoe Umbrella helps your feet stay dry from the rain or water splash. It also takes waterproofing way too far from what we think it is. The shoes look ridiculous to me, and they’re not worth it at all. You will surely get soaked by this pair of jokes that will undoubtedly shower you on the street by gawking enough strangers. You dare not try this in Nigeria as they would easily pick you for a mentally derailed person.

  • Breast Cushion

Brand: The Kush Company


Ladies, can you answer this question. Do your breasts fight each other when you’re slumbering? Make sure they stay apart with this Breast Cushion. The maker claims to us that the cushion helps preserve the spacing between each boobs. It sounds like an excuse to get money out of dumb people to me, and if you bought or have bought one, maybe it’s surely going to be a display of survival of the fittest.


  • Man Bra

Brand: Wish Room


Men, this is for you! do your breasts (do you even have any?) fight each other when you’re sleeping? LOL So this product is meant to help guys who have gynecomastia ( what most people call man boobs). They are formed with excess body fat. If you are feeling insecure about this, why highlighting them with what i call undergarments? This are just part of the most stupid inventions that doesn’t seems to work in Nigeria or any part of the world.

  • Toilet Golf

Brand: EZ Drinker


Everyone is thinking, “Why can’t I take some shots with my 9 inches iron when I drop a number two?” Well now you can with the invetion of Toilet Golf. Inventions like this one make you wonder who exactly came up with the idea. I want to meet the guy who said to himself that this was a good idea, and that it needed to be spread throughout the world…So pathetic thinking!

  • Privacy Scarf


Why would you need much privacy when looking at your computer screen or your mobile gadget? Unless you’ve found the real images of Noah’s self built boat , there’s no need to be this discreet. No Need! And let’s think about this one bit: won’t this only bring more attention to you? Putting on the privacy scarf will only make people more curious about what you’re reading. You would gather much croud in minutes if you try this in onitsha market.

  • The DVD Rewinder

Brand: DVD Rewinder


Wait… what? Are you kidding me? How does this exist on earth? Actually it was a big pain in the old days to rewind VHS tapes, but what exactly does this product do? There’s nothing to rewind, It also says “We have very few left in stock and we do not plan to continue production after 2009.” We don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Even the manufacture knows this isn’t right and won’t go for sale in the market if being produced.

There are many like that even in Nigeria that isn’t right to be in the market. How would someone work so hard for his/her money and spend it on an Umbrella shoe? Lai Lai. Ko joh!

Have you came across products like this? Let us know in the comment below with your opinion. Thanks for reading!


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