MUST READ: 15 Tiny Things To Cut From Your Existence Which Is A Good Way To Save You A Ton Of Cash This Year

Do you know buying things you don’t need is one of the many reasons you get broke the very first week of the month?

You have to wait till your salary comes in at the end of the month and still repeat the same thing. Stop asking yourself why you keep exhausting your resources every time and read closely below to see what needs to be stopped to save you tons of money this year.


  1. Fast food (Eating out)Money

  2. Cable TV

  3. Buying books (a library card is cheaper!)

  4. Alcohol (This takes away your money than you might think)

  5. Online shopping

  6. Expensive phone plans (Data + Talk Time)

  7. Driving (public transportation and bikes can save you a ton on fuel)

  8. New clothes (you can get gently-used brand name clothes at thrift stores)

  9. Luxury makeup

  10. Bottled water

  11. Phone upgrades (instead, keep using the same model until it stops working)

  12. Music/video subscriptions (like YouTube and Apple Music)

  13. Going out to lunch

  14. Paper towels (instead, reuse rags)

  15. Pricey haircuts

  16. Drinks at restaurants (water is free!)

  17. Recreational substances

Now you know why my money isn’t leaving my wallet all the time? Try these tips and your pocket would never remain the same again every month.



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