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MUST READ: 10 Relationship Rules for The 2nd Quarter of 2019

10 Relationship Rules for The 2nd Quarter of 2019

Yup, it is official. 2019 is in its second quarter which means it’s coming to an end whether we like it or not. This post is a compilation of rules that need to be checked as you and your partner countdown to the end of the year. I’ll explain each rule and hopefully, you take note of them and better your relationship. Let’s begin.

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  1. Keeping the loveYou guys have had a good couple of months which has allowed you experience true love. The trick now will be to keep all the promises made, not forgetting half of them after a couple of months. It’s not hard to fall in love, staying in love is sometimes the challenge.
  2. Giving Second ChancesBe willing to give second chances, to forgive or give it a second, sometimes third shot. Sometimes, when two people love each other and have the will power to try again, they do give it another try. If you are on the receiving end, try not to waste the shot.
  3. Be loyalLove is all about loyalty and trust. If you can’t be loyal at any point in a relationship, you should not be in one. Don’t let someone fall in love with you if you have no intention of being trustworthy.
  4. CherishAll relationships need to be protected and cared for. Insecurities lie in every relationship, the trick is not allowing it to grow or produce fruit. Irrespective of whether its a Long Distance or not, all relationships should be cared for.
  5. TimeYes, there will be days when you are busy but please never get to the point where you are too “busy” for the one you love. Because the truth is we are never really busy, it’s all about priorities, and the one we love should be our first priority.
  6. I’m proudThis one is the good kind of proud because when love fills your heart with things you never knew existed, it makes you proud (Kind of). The trick to this is to make sure your partner is truly proud of you and proud of have you in their lives.
  7. PredatorsPredators in relationships are those who are emotionless. As you go on in the second quarter, make sure you don’t fall for an emotionless person who has closed off their hearts.
  8. No matter whatTrue love can be defined as “Through thick and thin” and this is the mindset you should carry with you as you go on with your partner. True love is all about coming out of everything life throws at you and still able to say “I love you” to each other wholeheartedly and stay together.
  9. More than wordsWords are empty if they aren’t followed by actions. Whatever you say to your partner must be backed up with actions, let them not only hear it but see it also.


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