Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Items

A thing that shouldn’t miss out on your most special day will be an emergency kit, stocked with items that will handle everything, from a ripped dress to a wedding disaster that was never expected.

Below is the list of key emergency items that you should be with on your wedding day.


  1. Bottle of Water/Other Snacks

The wedding jitters could make you skip meals before saying your vows. You won’t want to be too filled up on snacks but it’s a good idea to have some water and snacks with you. This will prevent you from feeling sick and fainting on your big day.

Water will keep you hydrated and a few snacks will keep your blood sugar level, making you smart and active.


  1. Sewing Kit

This could be the most essential item that would be needed on your big day. Ensure the kit comprise of items such as safety pins, scissors, sewing needles and thread with colours that match your dress as well as that of the bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen. You’ll be safe from any rip, tear or outfit inconvenience on your wedding day.


  1. Tissues

We all know how we can’t do without tissues in our daily lives. Ensure that you have a pack of tissues that will be of help at anytime on your day.


  1. Perfume/Spray/Deodorant

Have your favourite perfume and deodorant in your kit so that you’ll smell as lovely as you look. Your significant other will love it when you smell great all night; when having your first kiss to having your first memorable dance.


  1. Mints

Have a clear and fresh breath throughout your day with mints. It will keep your mouth fresh, make you kissable and give you a perfect look for your picture.


  1. Sanitary Pads/Tampons

As a woman, you can never tell when you’ll be in need of this. To prevent an embarrassment on your wedding day, ensure that you have this in you kit.


  1. Pain Relievers

Body pains and headache are inevitable, especially when you have a lot going on in a day. It’s ideal to have some pain relievers in case you or anyone from your bridal party begin to feel sick or stressed up.


  1. Make-Up

After experiencing the unexpected wedding stress, you’ll be very glad that you have some make-up in your emergency kit. You’ll need lipsticks, foundation, mascara, eyeliner for touchups. You’ll b ever ready for a photo and able to run and have fun without any fear.


Emergency Items Necessary on Your Wedding Day.


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