Morning Routines and How They Can Kick-start your Day

In other to kick start your day, here are a couple of routines you can try out each morning.

Mornings, you have to love them or hate them because every day has one. So if you’re not a morning person, starting every day feeling tired, grouchy, grumpy, stressed and rushed will have a significant impact on your day.  If you are a morning person, then this post will coach you on how to utilize it.

Are you ready?

  1. Quality Sleep: You cannot have a good morning if you did not have a good night sleep. Waking refreshed and replenished will make all the difference to not just the start of your day, but the whole of your day.
  2. Wake up early: If you sleep early and have a good night rest, you are more likely to wake feeling refreshed. Waking earlier means you won’t have to rush which will in turn reduce stress and introduce calm into your immediate enviroment.
  3. Clothes: Looking for the clothes to wear to work is an unpleasant way to start the day, so don’t do it to yourself. Get what you’re wearing ironed and ready a day before, it saves not just time, but that totally unnecessary stress when you least need it. ​
  4. Drink Water: I know you have heard Drink Water and Mind Your Business. This is also applicable to having a good morning. Take a good long drink of water, cool but not cold from the fridge as it’s too shocking to the system. Your body needs to be hydrated.
  5. Exercise: I do not mean Gyming for 4 hours after you wake up. I just mean help your body to wake up by moving it, and it can be at any level you wish. It could be anything from gentle stretches, yoga, or a mindful walk.
  6. Breakfast​: Skipping breakfast might sound like a good idea but this then tempts you to grab something, anything by mid-morning.  So keeping control, and eating well in the morning helps you to have a good day.
  7. Television: The TV is a massive time-sucking machine in the morning and when every second counts, it’s something you can do without. So try not to switch on your TV  if there is no need attached.
  8. Social media: This is even easier to fall into than the Television because the average Adult has their life revolving around their phone. It’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of social media especially Instagram or Twitter and when you climb out again, you are blinking and confused, wondering what happened to the time.

How are you always treating your mornings? High or low priority? Let’s hear from you in the comment box below.


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