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Mistake has no master. Check these 7 mistakes that are common among women before starting a relationship and how to curb them

These are a few mistakes women make while dating

Mistake has no master. Check these 7 mistakes that are common among women before starting a relationship and how to curb them

Have you ever looked at a particular woman in a relationship and realised that she has absolutely no idea what she is doing. It is not like you know exactly what she is doing but you just know that she is doing stuff wrong.

Well, I am here to show you and most likely explain it to you some of the mistakes. I cannot guarantee that you will be able to explain it to her but for the sake of sisterhood, you can try and if this applies to you too, take heed.

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  • MISTAKE 1: The constant impatience to get into a relationship is the first on this list because there are times you can actually feel the need bubbling out. The problem is women think that they will be “missing out” on something if they end up single or cannot even think of being alone because that thought depresses them. However, you look at it, chasing a relationship is not healthy for you or the man.
  • MISTAKE 2: Falling in love with an idea who may not even treat her very well. Even though the whole world can see that he is unhealthy for her, she  probably cannot because she has a DEEP attraction with the guy, on a level she can’t even explain so she will often find herself making all kinds of excuses just to stay in the relationship with him and that is such a shame.
  • MISTAKE 4: Ignoring the signs that he is not into you is such a reoccurring mistake on the part of women. Men usually send signals all the time to a woman about how they feel even if it is unconsciously. Some of them include Communication, Body language, Emotional capacity and beliefs about relationships.
  • MISTAKE 5: Some women assume they know men and how they think even though it is common knowledge that men and women think quite differently. No woman should ever assume that she understands how a man feels because more often than not, she is probably wrong.
  • MISTAKE 6: The ability to willingly accept any offer a man makes because you are either single, lonely or just bored. When you are willing to accept whatever crumbs he gives you because that’s all you think you can get, his perceived value of you will drop.
  • MISTAKE 7: Being someone you are not just because you want to impress him, making sure you’re careful about how you behave, being more forgiving, biting your tongue to avoid arguments, saying and dressing in ways you never have before all in an effort to try to impress and impress one guy. The funny thing about this mistake is that it sometimes has the opposite effect.


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