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Mini Travel Guide to Experience Nigeria

Here is your mini travel guide if you want to experience Naija.

Nigeria is very different culturally and it also varies greatly geographically with beaches in the south and deserts in the north.  This guide aims to just highlight items that are most notable about Nigeria as expanding on all states in Nigeria will be an exhaustive list.

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  • MUST DO IN NIGERIAGO TO A BEACH: Lagos which is the commercial capital of the country is known for its beaches. There are public and private beaches to choose from in this city and all you need is google map and cash as and then you can head to anyone that catches your fancy.

    PARTY LIKE A NIGERIAN: Nigerians know how to throw a good party but if you are looking for pointers, you should ask the Yoruba people, who not only throw but also love a good party.  The typical Yoruba party requires a crowd of people, lots of food and drinks and a live band singing traditional and Western music. The highlight is, of course, the ‘spraying’ which is when people dance and money is placed on their foreheads and bodies by their friends as they all dance.

    BUY GOLD IN THE NORTH: The northern part of the country is a good place to buy intricately-designed gold jewellery at reasonable prices.  Ask around for the best markets to visit and goldsmiths to check on. Remember to bargain for what you want and not settle on the first amount stated.


    SUYA: Although it originated from the North, Suya is now a snack enjoyed throughout the country and especially at Night.  Suya is a thinly-sliced, peppery beef kebab usually served with sliced onions and tomatoes.

    PEPPER SOUP: Pepper soup is a broth that is peppery with either beef, chicken or fish and is spiced with other ingredients.  Pepper soup is often enjoyed in the morning or evening.

    CHAPMAN: This drink can be called the Nigerian drink as outside the country, bars don’t seem to have heard of it.  It is made by mixing roughly 3 parts Fanta, 1 part Sprite, a little blackcurrant drink and the special ingredient – a few drops of Angostura Bitters.  You can drop a few ice cubes in the glass, with slices of lemon and cucumbers and the drink is ready.

JOLLOF RICE: Every Nigerian home and party knows about this delicacy. It can be classified as the National Food. It is basically prepared with Fresh tomatoes, Tin tomatoes, spices, and broth of chicken. It may or may not be spicy based on the preference of the individual cooking it.


    Although English is our official language, you are more likely to come across Pidgin English wherever you go.  Pidgin English is basically broken English that has no rules of tense and  is pretty easy to understand


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