Six TV Celebrities Accused Of Molestation

Popularly called the “King of Pop”, the late Michael Jackson was faced with several allegations of molestation when he was still alive. The first one came in 1993 when police investigated him for allegations of sexually exploiting a young boy but could find no incriminating evidence. Then again he had a mega accusation scandal in 2005 which degenerated into big media fracas and an eventual court case. He was eventually got acquitted before he eventually died in 2009.

However, a recent documentary titled “Leaving Neverland” which aired on HBO has leveled fresh molestation accusations at the late pop star. Although Jackson’s family and The Jackson Estate have vehemently condemned the accusations, labeling the two-hour film as “yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Micheal Jackson”, there have been several reactions trailing the video; some radio stations have even stopped playing his songs. As we watch how the drama concerning these new allegations unfolds, let’s take a look at 6 TV celebrities that have been accused of molestation.

  1. Morgan Freeman

Last year, news broke about a young production assistant who had alleged that Morgan Freeman sexually harassed her while working on the set of movie “Going In Style” in 2015. CNN then launched an investigation which led to further reveals made by other ladies also alleging that Freeman made improper sexual behavior towards them. However, the actor denied the allegation and there was no formal police reports made.

  1. James Franco

Actor and producer, James Franco was accused by five women of inappropriate and sexual exploitive behavior in interviews with The Times. With four out of those women as his former students, the actor vehemently denied the accusations.

  1. Michael Douglas

One of the biggest Hollywood stars, Michal Douglas had his own accusation in December 2017/early 2018. He was accused of sexually harassing and even masturbating in front of author and journalist, Susan Braudy when she worked for him in the 80s. The allegations came as part of the #MeToo movement that was making rounds on social media back then.

  1. Sylvester Stallone

In 2017, reports surfaced that actor Sylvester Stallone had been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan girl when he was filming a movie in 1986. He was 40 years old at that time and accused of having sexual intercourse with the underage girl with his bodyguard too. The unnamed girl was said to have dropped the charges then because she was “scared, humiliated and ashamed”. The actor, through his spokesperson called the report “ridiculous and categorically false”.

  1. Kevin Spacey

In December last year, former House Of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey was slammed with a felony sexual assault charge after over 30 individuals claimed to have been sexually harassed by him. The two-time Oscar winner has been sacked from all his shows and been somewhat ostracized by the industry since then. The investigation is still on.

  1. Robert Knepper

Prison Break star, Robert Knepper was accused of sexual assault by 5 women in 2017. The first allegation came from stylist, Susan Bertram before the four other women came out with their own stories. The actor then released a statement to strongly deny all the accusations.



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