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Men, Cologne and the 5 Mistakes Involved

Dear Men, Colognes should be your thing. Read this post to know the mistakes to avoid.

Men, Cologne and the 5 Mistakes Involved

Dear Gentlemen, there is a simple rule about colognes that I need you to put at the back of your mind from now till eternity, Cologne should be discovered not announced. What that means is we should perceive and ask not that it will choke us immediately we are 10 feet away from you or if we are looking for you, all we need to do is follow your smell.


Cologne plays a bigger role than you think in your personal presentation and today’s post is going to treat the 5 mistakes that you should avoid when using cologne.

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  1. Not Understanding The Power Of Scent

A large percentage of men report that they don’t use fragrances on a regular basis which is an astounding statistic in that it tells us that many men don’t fully understand the importance of scent.

      • Known for having a signature scent – Smelling nice can become a part of your identity; it’s a compliment to your outfit
      • Memorable – Many women report that men are more attractive when they wear a great scent.
  1. Not Choosing Your Own FragranceReceiving gifts are great, but it’s important that you know the kinds of fragrances that you like so that you can get the scent that you desire.

    One option is to go sampling, Sampling is key because you need to know if the fragrance works for you. Sampling will help you not waste money by purchasing a full bottle of cologne that you don’t like.

  2. Applying The Fragrance IncorrectlyA quality cologne can be pricey so each spray is like throwing away money. Don’t waste it.  Many guys don’t know that they are applying the cologne improperly. Here are a few common incorrect application methods:
    • Spray in the air and walk into it
    • Oversaturate yourself
    • Spray on the inside of wrists and rub them together

    The recommended places to spray fragrance are:

    • Bare chest
    • Wrists (without rubbing together)
    • Behind the ears/neck

    These areas are known as pulse points. The blood flow at pulse points is very strong and heat is brought to these points which make them excellent spots for fragrance applications.

  3. Announcing Not Discovering CologneToo much fragrance is a bad thing. In that spirit, there are two considerations you must make so that you can know how much is too much: the number of sprays you apply and the potency of it.

    Number of applications

    Start with one application. Know that you can always apply more. You don’t’ want to overpower the room that you’re in or trigger people’s allergies. Spray in a different section of the body when reapplying.

    Strength of the fragrance

    There are varying potency levels.

    • Perfume (Parfum) – the most powerful fragrance. The concentration level is about 20%. Minimal applications are necessary for a long lasting scent
    • Toilette – Middle range of potency (approximately 15% concentration level) and require 2-3 applications for the long-lasting yet subtle fragrance.
    • Cologne – The weakest strength level (below 5% concentration level). Require 3-5 sprays per day to have a continuous fragrance.

Not Properly Storing The Fragrance

Just in case you did not know, without proper storage the scent of your cologne will break down. Colognes can degrade quickly if they are:

  • Overexposed to sunlight
  • Exposed to a wide range of temperatures in a short amount of time

It’s best if you store your fragrance in a dark and room temperature environment to preserve the integrity and potency of the scent.


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