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MEN: 10 Fashion Blunders You Should Not Make

Here are 10 blunders we are sure some of Men do not know

Dear Men,

Even though your fashion styles are not as extreme as that of women, there are still a couple of things that are noteworthy and should be taken into consideration when you want to ‘baff up’’

  1. White socks with black shoes

I know Michael Jackson showed you that this was a good idea. But you are not MJ and it is not a good idea especially not in these times. So please stop eet.

  1. Wrong belt color

This should probably have been Number 1. Your shoes should always match your belt. Color blocking your shoes and belt is so distasteful. If you’re doing a brown belt, make sure you have a brown shoe on. I did not say you should go and wear green shoe and belt o. Ehen.

  1. Visible Undershirt

There’s nothing sexy or cool about a man who has a peeking undershirt. Sir, your undershirt should be hidden. Same as your boxers/briefs

  1. Tie

Let it be known that wide ties are out of style….

Your tie should not be too long or too short. To know the perfect mark, make sure the tip of your tie rests slightly above your belt buckle

  1. Pocket Squares

Gone are the days whereby your pocket square matches your tie. These days, creativity is the way to go. Or match your shirt color if you’re confused.

  1. Jewelry

This is the rule, Keep all your accessories under 5. 5 and above is what we will call overdo/ITK.  Less is more and you should definitely be on #TeamLess

  1. Socks

We all know those brightly coloured, funky socks are the main thing for Men now (and you should definitely be on that train) but if you are not wearing those, the colour of your socks should match the colour of your trouser not your shoes. Please.

  1. Perfume/Cologne

It’s like some of you don’t know there is something made for you to smell nice. Yes. The kind that will be making HR’s compliment you. Invest in a bottle Sir, it’ll do you plenty of good.

  1. Socks with Loafers

PLEASE. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. It’s supposed to be a slip-on. DO. NOT. WEAR. SOCKS. WITH. LOAFERS. Thank you

I know I said 10 but check out the 9 above and see where you’re lacking. Implement it and then drop a comment, I’ll personally dash you Number 10 at no extra charge.


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