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Meet The Women Rapper 50 Cent Has Dated

Meet The Women Rapper 50 Cent Has Dated

Asides being a good artiste, 50 Cent has also dated a couple of beautiful women in the entertainment industry.

Here are 3 women who the rapper has dated.

Daphne Joy

Meet The Women Rapper 50 Cent Has Dated

They dated from 2011 – 2012 and have one child together. Daphne on her part is a lingerie and swimsuit model, actress, and fashion designer.

Daphne who owns her own swimwear line OMG Miami Swimwear during the opening of the fashion line had her ex, 50 gushing about her business writing;”So my baby’s mother designed a swim suit line. focus on the swim suit OK.  I need a drink ”

Daphne not long after she left 50 began dating singer Jason Derulo.

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Chelsea Handler

Vivican Fox

50 Cent and comedienne Chelsea Handler dated in 2010.

On how they met, Chelsea said;

I was going to Nashville I think to do a show; I was on tour for my last book. I said, “I’m going to Nashville.” He said, “I was in L.A, and I was trying to get a hold of you, but I’m in New York now.” I told him, “I’m going to Nashville this weekend,” and he said “Can I meet you there?” I was like, “Yeah, why not?” So he came to Nashville to my show. Then, we had sex. Then, he moved to L.A because he was tape recording so we kind of saw each other for a few of months.

We went out. We dated. We had sex. My friends all loved him. My friends fell in love with him. They we’re like, “This huge gangster guy is like the sweetest.” So we dated for a couple months. And this is the best part, he was going to come with my family, because I was going to Anguilla, to go to Christmas vacation, and I go someplace every year with some of my family. He had met my family in Newark–he would come to see a lot of shows, and he would come and meet me a lot of places.

Vivica A. Fox

The rapper and Hollywood actress Vivica A. Fox dated in 2003.

Their breakup was quite messy as the former called each other out several times and even reignited the feud of recent.

Speaking on their sex life the Hollywood actress in her book said that

“Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him,” she wrote and added that it was “cherished and special.”


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