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Meet The Celebrities Who are Biracial

Meet The Celebrities Who are Biracial

A person who is biracial or multiracial is someone whose heritage is made up of different races. There are a couple of celebrities who are biracial to include actors and artistes.

Here are celebrities who are biracial.

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Halle Berry

The actress’s mother Judith Ann Hawkins is white while her father Jerome Berry is black. Speaking on her struggles as a biracial person, the actress in an interview said;

“Being biracial is sort of like being in a secret society. Most people I know of that mix have a real ability to be in a room with anyone, black or white.”

“I come from humble beginnings. I always felt like the underdog. Behind the eight ball. I learned not to be too high on the hog. Even that night I won the Oscar, I had a fundamental knowing, it was just a moment in time. Driving home that night, back to my house, I felt like Cinderella. I said, ‘When this night is over, I’m going back to who I was.’ And I did.”

Dwayne Johnson

The Hollywood actor’s mother is of Samoan heritage, and his father, who is wrestler Rocky Johnson (Wayde Douglas Bowles), is a  Black Nova Scotian descendant.

Mariah Carey

The multi-award-winning singer is mixed. Her mother Patricia Hickey is Caucasian, who is of Irish descent, while her father Alfred Roy was African-American and Venezuelan.

On struggling with low self-esteem and being biracial, the singer said in an interview that;

“I had to go through so much in my childhood just to feel accepted and feel worthy of existing on Earth because I felt so different from everybody else growing up. Because I was biracial, because I was so ambiguous-looking and because we didn’t have the money to escape whatever the everyday realities of life were.”

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