Meet Nigeria’s Youngest Billionaire, Sijibomi Ogundele

“Nigeria is a country filled with great people”

I always say the above statement because it’s true. We are filled with people who have the ability to achieve greatness. Although many are born great, there are some Nigerians who have went from nothing to greatness through hard work, determination and having a never say die attitude. Entreprenuer, Sijibomi Ogundele is one of those people.

Widely regarded as the youngest billionaire in Nigeria, CEO Sujimotos Constructions, Sijibomi Ogundele is a man who has seen the hard life and strggled to make something out of himself. I mean, you have to have something before people would call you the youngest billionaire.


This brilliant young man was born in Lagos, Nigeria; Agege to be precise. He wasn’t born into a very rich family, and according to him, the fear of poverty was his greatet motivation. At the young age of 9, ijibomi already knew that he had to become wealthy. He’d leave his home in the urburbs and go to high brow are like Ikoyi jst to watch the rich people and get motivated to get there. He had his secondary school education at Model College, Meiran, and worked hard to study law at the Anglia Ruskin University, U.K.

Sijibomi also grew up watching his mother trade in the market. According to him, it helped him learn the various parts involved in trading.

“Without my childhood experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It didn’t only  make me resilient, it was a strong  pillar. I have zero tolerance for failure and I believe that a man  who lives in an apartment in Ikorodu today, can own a house in Ikoyi tomorrow. Success is all about choices we make and our priorities” – Sijibomi


Sijibomi started his first business as a finance investor back in 2004 before fully establishing his real estate company. He had already been into real estate since 1998. Then in 2011, he bought and remodeled an apartment in France. He then resold the apartment for twice his buying cost. Siji didn’t stop there, he continued pushing till he got his major African business deal in Ghana. Since his return to Nigeria in 2014, he has built several luxury hoses in the high-brow areas of several mega cities in the world. He is currently the owner of the tallest residential building in Nigeria, Lorenzo.

He named his company after his mentor, Sujimoto Koga, a Japanese university professor who he has often described as the man that boosted his confidence, and caused a lifelong change in his life and business.

His company now has branches in Paris, Accra, Madrid, Dubai and Riyadh.

This young man is said to have a net worth that runs into billions of naira and looking at it that he said he invested a whooping sum of $90 million into Lorenzo, we believe he does. He is the perfect example of hard work yielding success, and at a young age too.



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