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Meet Emeka Nelson: The 26-Year-Old Who Designed A Generator That Runs On Water

Meet Emeka Nelson: The 26-Year-Old Who Designed A Generator That Runs On Water

Nigeria is a country of many young talented individuals. These individuals have what it takes to provide practical solutions to the problems facing the country. As a matter of fact, we can find them in various sectors including technology, entertainment, medicine, and agriculture. However, what many of these individuals lack is a platform to implement their ideas that would bring about change in the country. This is why it is imperative to recognize them and provide them with the exposure they need

One such individual is Emeka Nelson, the 26-year old Nigerian who recently made news for the water-powered generator he invented. From time immemorial, poor electricity has been a major source of worry for many Nigerians. However, Emeka Nelson is on a quest to solve this problem through his strong passion for engineering and innovation.

Emeka Nelson

Emeka Nelson is a young Nigerian who lives in Anambra State. Unlike many, he is a secondary school-leaver who did not allow his circumstances deter him from the path of greatness. He was born without a silver spoon and had to make ends meet by working as a househelp as early as the age of 5. When it came to academics, he had trouble reading and thus found it difficult to assimilate what he learned. Nevertheless, he found love with technology and has excelled at it without having any formal education in engineering.

Prior to the invention of his water-powered Generator, Emeka Nelson had built several other impressive appliances. For instance, while he was in secondary school, he built a AC generator of 220 volts. This remarkable feat earned him second place in a talent competition organised by Anambra State. He also recently invented a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel. Here is a video of him showing off his inventions:

How The Watered Powered Generator Works

Meet Emeka Nelson: The 26-Year-Old Who Designed A Generator That Runs On Water

Proving how much of a talented individual he is, he built the water-powered generator from left-over materials, using the principle of Electromagnetic Field by Michael Faraday. The generator runs on pressured water that causes a turbine to produce electricity. This turbine utilizes the water in the generator to produce electricity for up to 6 hours. Once the 6 hours have elapsed, the generator requires rest for a short period of time.

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At the moment, this ingenious invention is still undergoing test-run. In time, Emeka Nelson plans to enhance its features until its fit for commercial use. Indeed, the water-powered generator is a  potential solution to Nigeria’s epileptic power supply and would thrive if given a chance. Emeka Nelson is on the path to fulfilling this mission and we can safely say he has come a long way!


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