Masked Artistes: 6 Musicians Whose Faces We Have Never Seen

There are some artistes whose faces have never been out there

Successful artists love being in the spotlight.

As a performing artist, it is important to have an identity in the industry, something unique and different from others – something like your face.

But not all artists conform to this idea.

There are some artistes whose faces have never been out there. These artists have left their faces totally out of the scene by choosing to wear masks or covering their faces with veils, leaving only their music as a way to connect with them.

As the real face of Nigeria’s only masked artist, Lagbaja, was finally released when he celebrated his birthday last Thursday, we decided to compile a list of the top 7 artists whose face we have never seen. Read below:

  1. Buckethead

Quiet and mysterious, this talented guitarist claims he wears a mask because his face was scratched off by the chickens he was raised with. He performs wearing a white mask and a hat made from a fast food chicken bucket with a funeral sticker stamped on it. Sounds weird right?

Weird or not, Buckethead is nothing short of a remarkable guitar player.

  1. Marshmello

Named by Forbes as the world’s highest paid DJ in 2017, Marshmello is a famous DJ and an electronic dance music producer. Known for his custom made white mask and all white dressing, Marshmello have released hits that have gone platinum in the US, Canada and the UK. His mask, according to him, is inspired by a fellow masked DJ, Deadmau5.

  1. Deadmau5

Another DJ and electronic music producer makes the list in the person of Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead mouse). The 6 time Grammy nominated musician got his bizarre name after he found an actual dead mouse in his computer and wears a mask shaped like the head of a smiling mouse when performing.

  1. Sia

Sia is the only female masked artist to make this list (she is the only female masked artist I know in fact). She often uses a large blond wig to cover her face, with varying bang lenght – depending on whether or not she has to perform. The wig is sometimes accompanied by a large bow on her head.

Unlike other artists on this list, Sia didn’t start out as a masked artiste but along the line, she decided to start wearing a mask.

  1. Daft Punk

The only duo on our list, Daft Punk is a French music group of two people whose faces we have never seen. The talented duo stated privacy as their reason for wearing masks and choose to hide their faces by wearing futuristic robot type of helmets!

  1. Lagbaja

If our very own Lagbaja doesn’t make the list, who will?

This very versatile Nigerian musician, Lagbaja, has his masks made from clothing material, and claims that his mask is only worn to show his support for the faceless and the voiceless in the society.


There you have it, my top 6 masked artist in the world. Do you think I missed anyone in particular? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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