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Malaysia and 7 of Her Beautiful Parks

You should visit Malaysia soon so you can enjoy these beautiful parks

Malaysia and 7 of Her Beautiful Parks

Have you visited Malaysia? Do you know she has many national parks that preserve the rain-forests’ flora and fauna? Do you know that visiting these parks are an ideal way to enjoy day or weekend trips? And also to enjoy luscious nature?

Come along as we check out the most beautiful national parks in the country.

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  1. KL Forest Eco ParkThis park used to be known as the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where it welcomes you to the wonderful natural habitat. It is also one of the oldest protected jungle which allows you to walk along the short trails from either Jalan Ampang or Jalan Raja Chulan. As a Visitor, you are required to purchase tickets at the head office near Raja Chulan or the KL Tower.
  2. Taman NegaraThis is a wonderful place for you to enjoy the rain-forest’s natural wonders and outdoor activities. You can take jungle strolls along the canopy walkway and in the rain-forest, learn aboriginal culture at the village. You can also observe the animals from hides and try bird watching.
  3. Penang National Park

    This Park is the smallest and newest kid on the block, it is where visitors can admire the majestic trees and wildlife in the rain-forest including hiking trails. The Park is connected to various beaches which means you can relax and enjoy scenic views after some long walks.

  4. Mulu Caves National ParkThe Mulu Caves National Park consists of a broad range of caves for visitors to explore. It is led by World Heritage guides, you can venture through the caves including Deer Cave and Clearwater Cave to gain a better understanding of their ecological formation. Although it is physically challenging to explore through trekking and climbing in the caves, you will feel relieved after being amazed by the caves’ natural beauty.
  5. Bako National ParkBako National Park is the oldest national park as it was established in 1957. It introduces us to forests and wildlife. To get there, you would have to take a 30-minute boat ride from the Bako Village. After walking through some trails, you will see some rocky pools and small beaches that connect to the rain-forest.
  6. Kubah National ParkKubah Park consisting of waterfalls, streams, and bathing pools, the rain-forest has six trails to walk including the path to Gunung Serapi. Discover various species of a palm tree at Palmetum Trail and waterfalls inclusive at Waterfall Trail. Discover huge trees including Bintagor trees, currently analysed for AIDS research, along the way. Malaysia and 7 of her beautiful Parks
  7. Kinabalu Park: Climbing Mount Kinabalu is not the only activity to do at the Park. There are plenty of ways for you to explore Borneo’s natural rain-forest habitat as there are over 5,000 species of plants and more than 400 species of birds and mammals in the national park. Discover diverse species and vegetation including Rafflesia, the world’s biggest and smelliest flower.


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