MALARIA: The Death Figure Will Shock You in Nigeria


Did you know? There are an estimated 100 million malaria cases in Nigeria?

With over 300,000 deaths per year in this country. This compares with over 215,000 deaths per year in Nigeria from HIV. Malaria contributes to an estimated 11% of material mortality according to the world health organization statistics made recently.

You might think malaria is a minor desease but i have to tell you it is a very big issue in the country. even if the words aren’t right.. Figures are always correct.

The issue of malaria is something everyone has to look into every time we think about our health. The government can’t always help in everything, they might be able to help with Mosquito nets and all that. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be helpful either by deploying a way of getting rid of malaria. We can use Chemical nets, we can seek the service of a fumigation company around.

Malaria is very deadly and has killed more than any other diseases in Nigeria. You don’t believe? a simple Google search would reveal all these to you. Malaria is a disease that can be curb if we are wary of how we live and where we stay.

According to “CRS Expertise” 3.9 Million people has being reached with a Mosquito net each just to let you know how these diseases is being fought. This will drastically reduce the infection of malaria and thus reduce the problem in the country.

Account to a statement published on CRS twitter page. A 60-day campaign was also completed in some part of Nigeria where they believe malaria is much. Mosquito carrying malaria always bite at night. The bed nets they distributed will protect people while sleeping.


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