Make your home stand out; get the Perfect artwork for your space

Whether it’s a canvas painting, framed painting, photographs, sculpture any designer will tell you that adding artwork to your home will enhance your room with style and color and most of the time pulls together space. However, the task of choosing the proper size and placement of an artwork can be quite challenging. To help you ease the stress, here are some pro tips from an artist on how to choose the perfect artwork for your space. Take a look:

1. Choose what you like; If your artwork and it does not foster feelings of relaxation or enjoyment, don’t put in on your home. it is your money being spent, don’t just buy art for no reason, select the one that suits your style.

2. Know your wall Size; Before getting any art for your wall ensure you have knowledge of your wall Size. Will it be too big or too small for your room? If you are investing in artwork, you wouldn’t want to buy art and hang it only to find out it won’t fit or your room still fills empty.

3. Choose wall art by Size; When it comes to the subject of wall art, many people don’t have knowledge about sizing. Below are the basics of wall art sizing:
i. Oversized: 100cm
ii. Large : 80cm to 100cm
iii. Medium: 60cm to 70 cm
iv. Small: 45cm to 59cm
v. Mini: 25cm to 44cm
When buying an artwork, make sure you go with the general idea about the size that will suit your room. Most living rooms don’t look good with mini wall art, just as most bathrooms can’t accommodate oversized or large wall art.

4. Choose wall art by Style; Selecting art by style is personal. Know what suits before investing in it.A few examples of styles to use include: a focus on Bohemian look, bold form, bright pieces, or an antique look. If you are still getting confused about what to choose, you can select a fashion designer you adore and mimic your apartment based on the designer’s clothing style.

5. Choose wall art by color; Before buying any art in your home, make sure it incorporates the existing color in your home. A secret trick is to go with black and white if you are confused about the kind of color to buy because black and white incorporate with any color.If the walls in your apartment are of neutral color, avoid wall arts with bright or neon colors.

6. Choose wall art based on inspiration; Be inspired by an artwork before buying it. An inspiration piece could be a tiny sculpture, landscape painting etc. What you might see in the art may be different from another. One man rubbish is another man’s treasure. Immediately you find you find your inspiration piece, don’t think twice before buying it.

Art Defines your home.
The perfect wall art sets the tone for your home by keeping it beautiful, communicate your personality with you saying a word and defining each room.


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